Life After Lockup: Are Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs Still Together?

Are Daonte and Lindsey From Life After Lockup Still Together

Are Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs Still Together? – WeTV will air reality tv series “Life After Lockup” again on Friday, and we have an exclusive clip for you to enjoy. Fans of “Lockup” may remember that the episode “Love After Lockup: How to Date an Inmate” revealed that Daonte and Lindsey were dating. They both previously made appearances on “Love After Lockup” with various partners, but it appears that they might have made a better match together.

Since the release of Life After Lockup, Daonte Sierra has moved on from Nicolle and is currently dating another Life After Lockup alumna, Lindsey Downs. Daonte recently discussed his rebound relationship with Lindsey and his reasons for believing it will succeed. Daonte is more optimistic, despite some people’s doubts about his decision to date another prisoner after going through two terrible breakups with ex-inmates. He also thinks he’ll be back on the show because he’s dating another former cast member.

When it comes to the reasons their romances on Love After Lockup didn’t work out, Lindsey and Nicolle have a lot in common. After Nicolle was released from prison, viewers saw Daonte attempt to seek a relationship with her. He believed they were engaged and would have a happy ending.

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Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs’ Life After Lockup Journey

“Life After Lockup” Journey of Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs

Although Scott Bradshaw, Lindsey Downs’ former partner, and she initially appeared on the show together, their relationship was far from ideal. Scott gave the relationship his all and even moved to be near his then-girlfriend, but the show quickly made it clear that Lindsey was just interested in his money and assistance. As a result of Lindsey being sent back to jail for serving a 24-month sentence, Scott made the decision to end the relationship and go his own way.

Daonte, on the other hand, was dating Nicolle when he first appeared on “Life After Lockup.” But Nicolle appeared keen to exploit Daonte’s fortune rather than desire a future with him. As a result, the relationship quickly fell apart, and Daonte went back to being single. However, he quickly met Lindsey and became close to her, so he did not stay that way for very long. They met on a dating service, and it didn’t take them long to develop feelings for one another.

Daonte’s loved ones tried to talk him out of dating Lindsey since he had a bad experience dating ex-felons. He was confident in his ability to create a future with the love of his life, though, and he refused to give in. The two could hardly stay apart, and their chemistry was unmistakable, despite Lindsey being imprisoned at the time. Additionally, Daonte tried against all odds to win Lindsey over, and when she returned the favour, supporters thought the union might endure.

Are Lindsey Downs and Daonte Sierra Still Together?

We apologise for the awful news; it appears that Lindsey and Daonte have split up due to recent events. However, it’s interesting that Daonte announced his intentions for their future just before Lindsey was set to be released from prison, and that he intended to move to Mississippi after her release in order to be close to his partner.

However, something seems to be up since Daonte continued to live at his Virginia home even after Lindsey escaped in January 2022. Fans were initially perplexed by this action, but rumours said that Lindsey had been seen kissing one of her ex-boyfriends at a party soon after her release. Soon after, Daonte seemed to substantiate the claims when he lamented the demise of loyalty in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

Sadly, Daonte and Lindsey have not been seen together since, and even their social media accounts lack any images of one another. Interestingly, Daonte tweeted a photo with Rachel, the actress of “Life After Lockup,” in May 2022, sparking rumours of a romance. However, readers should be aware that this claim has not yet been verified.

Lindsey, on the other side, has been more actively involved with her family and appears to be unmarried right now. We nevertheless hope that success never eludes Daonte and Lindsey in the future as they both strive for an independent future.

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