Angela Spence-Shaw Murder Case: Where is Jeremy Motyka Today?

Angela Spence-Shaw Murder

Angela Spence-Shaw Murder: Where is Jeremy Motyka Now? – Angela Spence-Shaw’s absence from work in May 1999 alarmed family members. Tragically, the grandmother’s horrible murder was discovered in her bathtub. The episode of “American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda: Blood Bath” on Investigation Discovery explores the circumstances of Angela’s killing and how biological evidence helped identify the murderer. So, if you’re interested in learning how Angela Spence-Shaw died and who killed her, then keep reading below.

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How Did Angela Spence-Shaw Die

Who was Angela Spence-Shaw and How Did She Die?

Before the tragedy, Angela had relocated to the US from England, where she was born. The 66-year-old was twice married, and both of her spouses died. Angela had two sons, living alone in Little Compton, Rhode Island. She was a keen gardener and worked in a greenhouse there. Apart from that, Angela enjoyed painting and birdwatching and offered her time to assist the less fortunate.

The absence of Angela from work on May 30, 1999, prompted her coworker to inquire about her. The door to Angela’s house was unlocked, and there was no reaction. Except for the water gushing from the upstairs bathroom, nothing seemed out of place inside. Finally, Angela was discovered by the employee there in a bathtub wearing only her nightshirt. After receiving a severe beating, the 66-year-old was dumped in the bathtub with a hairdryer. According to an autopsy, she had been badly beaten and raped, and drowning and blunt-force trauma were the causes of her death.

Who Killed Angela Spence-Shaw

Who Killed Angela Spence-Shaw and Why?

Given that Angela’s money, purse, and jewellery were still there, robbery didn’t appear to be the purpose. Not even the rest of the house was pillaged. But there were indications of a fight and a heated altercation in the bedroom. In addition to the bloodstains on the carpet, there were also bloodstains on the floor and bed. The bedsheet was also taken off. The authorities also took semen from Angela’s body and then forwarded it for analysis.

While investigating probable suspects, the police discovered that Angela had been remodelling her home while a construction crew was tearing down a portion of a wall. This indicated that the house was momentarily unlocked, making it possible for anyone with knowledge to enter. The construction team, which included Jeremy Motyka, who was 23 at the time, and was employed at Angela’s house, was then questioned by the police.

Jeremy and his girlfriend, Patricia Rogalin, lived in Fall River, Massachusetts, where Jeremy worked as a carpenter. They had a son as well. Patricia claimed that on May 28, 1999, she had travelled to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with her family while Jeremy remained at home. The following day, they spoke on the phone many times, the latest one being at about 10:00 PM.

Jeremy was reportedly seen drinking till around 1:30 AM in someone’s backyard with a few other people, according to a neighbour. Then, on May 30, Jeremy travelled to Cape Cod but spent the entire day in bed due to illness. Jeremy told the police that on May 29, he had worked until 3 PM before going home and drinking beer. In addition to being out late with some teenagers, Jeremy insists that he spend the whole night at home.

Inconsistencies emerged, however, when Jeremy described going to a bar after work on May 29 and staying there until 6 PM during a subsequent interview. He then asserted that he had gone home and placed a pizza order. But Jeremy claimed that on May 30, between the hours of midnight and 8:30 am, he was sleeping at home.

Jeremy requested Patricia carry his shoes to Cape Cod following the second interview. He reasoned that way because he thought the cops would look at everyone’s shoe prints. The police were then informed by a coworker that Jeremy had expressed concern over the possibility of being accused of the murder. Jeremy stated he used the upstairs restroom a few times and that his hair might be in there, even though the coworker had never seen him go there.

Where is Jeremy Motyka Today

What Happened to Jeremy Motyka and Where Is He Now?

Although Jeremy was implicated by circumstantial evidence, biological evidence proved his guilt because his DNA matched that of the semen sample taken from Angela’s body. But Jeremy asserted that he would have sex with Patricia before going to work and then clean up in Angela’s bathroom. Patricia, however, claimed that they never engaged in sexual activity before he left for work.

Nevertheless, Jeremy was convicted guilty of raping and killing Angela in February 2001. He was therefore given a life sentence without the chance of release. According to records, Jeremy is reportedly detained at the Rhode Island Maximum Security Prison in Cranston, Providence County.

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