Netflix’s Bad Vegan: Where is Sarma Melngailis’ Sister Ilze Melngailis Now?

Where is Ilze Melngailis Now

Netflix’sBad Vegan‘ explores the saga of Sarma Melngailis in what can only be described as an explicit portrayal of a peculiar tale that goes much beyond anything we’ve ever known.

After all, she went from a well-known vegan restauranteur to a convicted felon apparently because she was promised financial security and the immortality of her dog.

So, now that we’ve learned more about Sarma’s life and weird experiences, how about we learn more about her older sister, Ilze Melngailis, who grew up alongside her?

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Who is Ilze Melngailis
Ilze Melngailis

Ilze Melngailis: Who Is She?

The Melngailis sisters are very different from one another, despite the fact that they were raised in a loving home in Newton, Massachusetts, despite coming from a dysfunctional family.

They’re both really kind people, but while Ilze has never been scared to speak her thoughts or be herself, Sarma has purportedly always had trouble expressing herself.

As a result, when they were younger, the former often had to speak up for her younger sibling, according to the show.

Ilze Melngailis With Sarma

Ilze and Sarma, of course, have always been close, as indicated not only by their desire to stay in touch but also by their unwavering commitment and care.

Everything from the former’s visit to her sister in Canada while she was studying Psychology at McGill University, to the former’s refusal to meet Anthony Strangis without Sarma because it didn’t feel right, to Ilze effectively mourning her baby sister while she was on the run.

To put it another way, they’ve had their share of ups and downs, but they’ve always managed to keep together.

What Happened to Ilze Melngailis And Where Is She Now?

Apart from maintaining a strong friendship, Sarma and Ilze Melngailis are currently residing in New York, where they appear to be doing well. According to what we know, after earning her Psychology degree, the eldest sibling worked as a researcher/analyst in the healthcare industry before getting an MBA at Yale School of Management.

She subsequently became a consultant and began applying business principles to international development, with the goal of speeding gender equality, reducing poverty, and improving women’s and children’s health.

As a result, Ilze is now not just the UN Foundation’s Senior Director for Global Partnerships, but also the UN Business Council’s Senior Director for Private Sector Engagement. Yes, her job gives her enormous power, but it’s one she really deserves because, after all, she’s been doing amazing things for years.

Ilze Melngailis at UNGA meeting

After all, she was the Founder/Executive Director of the Latvian Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health, Meridian Group International’s Marketing and Promotions Advisor, and GBCHealth’s Vice President of Partnerships and Impact Initiatives.

In short, Ilze has played a critical role in building effective initiatives in more than 30 countries for the good of the world, thanks to her skills in business strategy, woman empowerment, social marketing, and partnerships.

Apart from focusing on her personal life as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, her goal now is to continue working with the private sector to achieve a revolutionary, widespread change that will assist the world reach a better position before it is too late.

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