Paradise Highway (2022) Movie Ending Explained – What Is The Film About?

Paradise Highway (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Paradise Highway (2022) Movie Ending Explained – Paradise Highway,” an action drama written and directed by newcomer Anna Gutto, follows a reasonably well-known plot and emphasizes the actors’ performances and delivery. The movie centers on Sally, a female truck driver who becomes entangled in a risky child trafficking-related smuggling operation. The acting of Juliette Binoche, Hala Finley, and Morgan Freeman, as well as several specific moments, mainly in the second half, make “Paradise Highway” a watchable film that, by the time it’s through, successfully evokes the necessary emotions.

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Paradise Highway Plot Synopsis

What Is the Story of the Movie “Paradise Highway”?

Juliette Binoche portrays Sally, a female truck driver who transports goods while maintaining close contact with her supportive gang of female truckers. One week from now, Sally’s brother Dennis, the last surviving family member, will be freed from prison after serving time for many misdemeanor offenses. 

Sally visits Dennis in jail while working as a driver, anticipating that it will be the last time she does so, and the siblings eagerly discuss about what they will do after Dennis is out. However, Sally is given a small piece of paper by her brother just before they leave, and when she refuses to take it, he even shows her a severe bruise on his neck and torso. It turns out that Sally has already transported illegal goods on several occasions to save her brother and that a group inside the prison has been pushing Dennis to do so. But if Sally declines to perform the tasks, Dennis will be physically assaulted by the crooks, as he is currently demonstrating to his sister, who agrees helplessly.

Sally drives her truck over to the meeting spot, said by his brother, where she sees a minivan pulling up. When she requests to inspect the cargo and peers inside, she notices a young girl inside who is probably between the ages of twelve and thirteen. 

A woman named Claire is about to deliver this cargo, and she instructs Sally, telling her to drive the young girl to a location over the state line and give her to a man named Paul. Sally knows full well that this is an instance of child trafficking. 

She clearly doesn’t want to take part in the delivery, but Claire says that Denise could end up in jail if she refuses, and Sally has to agree unwillingly.

As she drives to the specified spot, she hides the child by the front seats and snaps the girl’s mouth shut when she attempts to talk, telling her that they are not to. After nightfall, Sally arrives at the location and waits for Paul, who is a few minutes late. As she is speaking with Paul to complete her delivery trip, the young girl shoots Paul, killing him. 

She had shot her prospective buyer after discovering the shotgun that Sally always kept in the truck. Paul attempts to shoot back, but the man is fatally wounded as Sally reverses the truck and departs the scene with the girl. Sally, who is still carrying the young girl who is set to be trafficked and faces possible murder charges, is unsure of what to do as she drives her vehicle off.

Paradise Highway Ending

Paradise Highway (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Sally and Leila had quite different opinions of one another when they first met. Leila, despite being a young child, puts Sally in serious problems. After Leila killed the person Sally was supposed to give her to, she was aware that her brother had put her in a far riskier situation than it was worth. With a murder charge hanging over their heads, Sally had no choice but to deliver Leila to her intended recipient, Claire. Leila saw Sally as simply another person who would drag her into a miserable existence. She just focused on surviving and potential escapes. She shoots Paul because she doesn’t want to return to living in a cage.

Due to the numerous people chasing them, Sally and Leila are compelled to spend a few days together, which transforms their relationship dynamic. After Paul’s passing, as things begin to calm down a bit, Sally realizes that Leila is just another child, and she feels guilty about returning her to the misery she’d come from.

Sally is particularly hurt because she, too, had a difficult upbringing and experienced violence at the hands of her father. Sally began to doubt the course of action she had been instructed to follow for Leila after realizing that another youngster was going through a similar experience and that she was actually assisting it.

Sally puts her trust in Dennis to assist her, but it turns out that he is complicit the entire time. Sally’s other family members come forward in her defense after her own brother betrays her. Dennis and his buddy nearly escaped with Leila while driving a van loaded with girls. This continues until Sally’s trucker buddies arrive and close off all exits. After learning that he was subjecting kids to abhorrent conditions, Sally chooses to stop trying to help her brother. Instead, she gives Gerick a call.

Sally was hiding Leila, but Gerick was aware that she was not the one endangering the child’s life. In fact, Sally sprang to mind as the person he would want to take care of Leila. He decides to let Sally and Leila leave when he arrives and discovers a group of other girls. Leila will have to go back into the system and be more likely to get into problems again, so he will have to answer for it to his superiors, but he is prepared to accept the blame. Sally also sold her trailer to pay off the traffickers since she was ready to take Leila into her care. Sally and Leila ride away before the local police arrive, leaving the other females in Gerick and Sterling’s care.

What Happened to Dennis - Is He Still In Jail

What Happened to Dennis? Is He Still In Jail?

Dennis is mostly responsible for the events in “Paradise Highway.” He is in jail, and Sally makes several deliveries on his behalf to prevent him from being assaulted or killed there. She has been taking care of him while he has been in jail, not just because he is her brother but also because she feels it is her duty to do so.

They were abused by their father when they were young, as can be seen through the cigarette burns on their hands and the pain that Sally continues to carry, as evidenced by her refusal to return to the home where they grew up. Dennis would endure the worst of their father’s abuse to preserve Sally. Sally feels responsible for saving her brother because he saved her when she was in difficulty.

She is also motivated by her belief that her brother wants to change for the better. He will put his criminal past behind him once he is released from prison. She wants him to act morally regardless of what he has previously done, especially when it involves a child.

This is why she experiences a life-changing shock when it emerges that not only did her brother fabricate the situation so that it appeared like the traffickers would not release Leila, but he also actively assisted them in the trafficking of additional children. He had deceived Sally into thinking he was a wonderful guy who would help her in saving Leila.

Sally concludes that everything she has done for him is enough and that she owes him nothing more. Because he is her brother, she doesn’t want to ruin her own life or the lives of many other kids. She turns him in with joy, knowing that he will be imprisoned for a while. Despite what he says, she will not become receptive to the thought of visiting him or providing him with any favors this time. He must now lay in the bed that he made.

While “Paradise Highway” doesn’t really provide anything fresh or unique about its plot, some specific moments have the intended impact. Truck stops and rest areas are viewed here more as places of danger or needless trouble than as the kind of safe havens that most male truckers in films find them to be, so the perspective of a female trucker being the protagonist and her ever-helpful friends who are also all women is a lovely uniqueness.

One such stop features an intoxicated mascot who approaches Sally, an experienced and hardy trucker, in a lewd manner; it is clear what such a location would do to Leila. The movie also avoids using euphemisms or watering down its themes, which is commendable given that it avoids being graphic.

Anna Gutto is the author and director of the 2022 drama thriller movie “Paradise Highway.”

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