Peter August Leaving General Hospital – Why he is Leaving G.H.?

Peter August General Hospital

Since Wes Ramsey’s Peter Augusts entrance on the show in 2017, he’s created a slew of enemies, the most recent being the kidnapping of his young daughter Louise Jones by his ex, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Peter is the villainous offspring of Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and Dr. Alex Devane (Finola Hughes), and he’s been reported to be leaving the long-running daytime drama for quite some time. But how much of that supposition is true?

According to IBTimes, Maxie had to decide whether to follow Peter August and their daughter and flee the nation in the February 10 episode of “General Hospital.” Things appear to be pointing toward Peter’s doom, whether it be by a horrible death or him fleeing somewhere. And a fresh development with Wes Ramsey’s contract, according to reports, also points to this…

Why Peter August is Leaving G.H.?

Wes Ramsey’s contract has officially expired as of early 2022, according to reports (via General Hospital Blog and Soap Opera Spy), and that the action was a sure sign of his imminent exit. “G.H. writers have indicated that Peter was going previously,” the latter outlet noted, “but now that the truth about Louise is out, something has to happen.”

Ramsey’s exit “seems imminent”,” according to Soap Opera Spy sources, and his character might be written off in a variety of ways. First, there’s the possibility that Peter will be apprehended and deported to Pentonville. There’s also the possibility that the character gets slain or dies later on in the story. Finally, Peter may simply flee with baby Louise and never return.

Whatever destiny befalls Peter, we’re confident that fans will be relieved to see him depart if he is ultimately removed from “General Hospital.”