Recap and explanation of The Legend of Vox Machina Episodes 7, 8, and 9 – Is Duke Vedmire Alive or Dead?

the legend of vox machina

The adult animated series ‘The Legend of Vox Machina,’ based on the long-running fandom web serial ‘Critical Role,’ is a vibrant and gory epic that chronicles the titular squad of heroes in their deadly mission. The plot is based on the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ universe, particularly Percival De Rolo’s tale arc. The ensuing episodes thrust viewers into Percy’s past, intertwined with the vampiric couple Sylus and Delilah Briarwood, after the first two episodes set the stage for the plot. Percy and the gang’s journey to recover the De Rolo estate and free the commoners is chronicled in the seventh, eighth, and ninth episodes. The ninth episode ends on a cliffhanger, and we’ll get to that later, but first, let’s recap the events of the previous episodes.

Recap of Episodes 7, 8, and 9 of The Legend of Vox Machina

Percy begins the seventh episode by recounting his previous contract with Orthax and also how he did come up with the pepperbox gun. He also reveals the list in order to provide a pretext for Captain Stonefell’s murder. Along with Capt. Stonefell, Anna Ripley, Professor Anders, and The Briarwood are on the list. Meanwhile, they plan away inside the De Rolo mansion, which is well guarded. Despite Vex and others’ doubts, Scanlan prepares a solo mission to Duke Vedimere’s residence.

Scanlan’s strategy involves creating a blazing distraction, allowing the others to go ahead and save Cassandra. Scanlan walks to Duke Vedmire’s mansion with the intention of setting fire to it. When the plan goes awry, Scanlan hunts through his inventory for any backup. The first potion causes Scanlan to vanish and reappearance, the second to shrink him, and the third to spew flames. Scanlan can set the house on fire as he transforms into a living flamethrower. He flees to the rooftop, but the Duke tracks him down. Scanlan manages to flee after a tense battle.

Cassandra is discovered by the rest of the squad as they break into Professor Anders’ residence. Percy, on the other hand, cuts Cassandra’s throat while he tries to reason with Anders. Anders exposes his army of giants while Vax and Keyleah struggle to cure Cassandra. They appear to be unbeatable at first. However, Percy realizes that if he targets the slats of the armors, they can be killed. The heroes defeat the armored beasts, but a new problem arises. Professor Anders is a mind-control expert who hypnotizes Grog and the rest of the squad, with the exception of Percy.

Percy uses his keen shooting skills to pierce Anders’ cheek with a bullet. When his hypnotizing tongue is removed from his mouth, the Vox Machina reawakens. After Anders’ death, Keyleah raises the veil of clouds from Whitestone by waving her wand towards the sky. She aims to give the commoners a hint that the resistance is still alive, but she instead surprises Delilah Briarwood. Delilah summons her steward and murders him before presenting his body to the Whispered One. As a result, the dead rise from the graveyards around Whitestone and march towards the resistance.

A flashback Delilah’s battle with the Devil

A flashback sequence depicts Delilah’s battle with the devil to resurrect her dying husband. The horde is initially encountered by Scanlan, but he comes too late to warn the remainder of the group. With the enormous zombie horde on their backs, the Vox Machina is having trouble. Despite Keyleah’s efforts to save Vax from certain death, a zombie bites Scanlan’s hand. Following an examination, Vex determines that Scanlan’s hand may be necrotized and that he may lose it. While Percy refuses to lead the rebellion because of his prior guilt (for fleeing rather than fighting), Archibald joins forces with him to fight the undead army.

Archibald’s army, however, crumbles in the face of Duke Vedmire’s wicked prowess, and he dies on the battlefield. Pike battles with her own darkness in the shrine, eventually collapsing. However, astral projecting to Whitestone, she sees the truth in real-time. Combating the zombies becomes a piece of cake once she imbues every weapon with the Everlight’s strength. While the Vox Machina and Cassandra proceed to the De Rolo Mansion to exact vengeance on the Briarwoods, Keeper Yennen tells the squad that she can manage things from there.

Is Duke Vedmire Alive or Dead in The Legend of Vox Machina Episode 9?

Duke Vedmire can’t believe his eyes when the Vox Machina pushes back the army of the undead. Looking at his side’s defeat, he blurts out a few phrases like unimaginable and unfathomable. Meanwhile, Percy uses his pepperbox pistol to shoot Vedmire in the leg. Vedmire, on the other hand, is not on Percy’s list. As a result, he departs, leaving Vedmire to the Whitestone commoners. We get the impression that Vedmire’s future is not bright as they assemble around him with their weapons. Scanlan’s assault has already weakened him, despite his seeming superhuman power. We don’t imagine he survives the wrath of the Whitestone residents when his leg is damaged. As a result, we deduce that he dies on the spot, bringing poetic justice to Archibald’s death.

What Is The Name Of The Person They Meet In The Dungeon?

Vox Machina and Cassandra enter the De Rolo home through a backdoor near the end of the ninth episode. The dungeon, which also serves as a jail complex, is accessible through this door. The dungeon’s eerie atmosphere frightens Keyleah to death. Meanwhile, they hear a voice from a prison cell promising to transport them to Briarwoods. They locate an elderly woman, possibly in her sixties, as they shed light on the cell. While Percy points his gun at the woman, Vax rushes to open the lock. We don’t know her genuine identity because the show finishes on a cliffhanger. Fans know that this woman is Anna Ripley in disguise because the plot follows ‘Critical Role’ from close quarters.

In the original tale, Ripley, one of the Briarwoods’ chief scientific inventors, is Percy’s arch-enemy. Percy attempted an assassination a year after the Briarwoods takeover, but it failed miserably. Anna Ripley has been attempting to reproduce Percy’s guns technology for a long time, losing a hand in the process. Ripley finished her work and packed her belongings about a week before Vox Machina arrived in town, hoping to depart. Ripley, on the other hand, found a place in the dungeon when Anders broke the news to the Briarwoods.