Who is the Rapist and Killer in Kimi? Netflix’s Kimi Ending Explained

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The thriller ‘Kimi, directed by Kimi, merges aspects of crime, technology, and psychology via the story of Angela (Zoë Kravitz), a tech worker. Angela unearths proof of a horrible crime. Angela rapidly understands that she is the only one who can bring the issue to light, but that doing so will force her to confront her deepest fear.

Angela finds herself in dire peril and at the center of a plot far greater than she realized after a series of tests. Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Kimi’ ending if you’re intrigued about how Angela avoids the threats and whether she succeeds in her quest for justice. let’s dive into Kimi’s Story.

Angela is going through the audio streams allocated to her at work one day when she comes across a garbled voice recording that suggests a lady has been attacked. Angela becomes agitated and attempts to report the incident to her boss, who dismisses her and recommends that she contact Natalie Chowdhury, the company’s Head of Organic Voice Interpolation. Angela gets a counterfeit admin ID and access to all the audio recordings of the person whose device prompted the complaint with the help of Darius, an IT worker.

Angela discovers that the gadget belongs to a woman called Samantha Gerrity thanks to audio files taken from the device’s database. She was killed after accusing a man named Brad of raping her and threatening to tell the truth. Kimi videotaped the horrific events, which serve as proof of Samantha’s actions. Angela contacts Natalie in the hopes of obtaining justice for Samantha.

Angela is compelled to leave her residence and confront her agoraphobia in order to do so. When Angela meets Natalie, she sees that the corporation is attempting to sweep the situation under the rug, and she assumes that the perpetrator is a high-ranking employee. As a result, Angela departs Amygdala’s office with the proof and travels to the FBI. The rest of the plot is made up of whether Angela succeeds in her quest and apprehends the criminal.

Who Is the Rapist and Killer in Kimi’s Ending? Is Angela willing to hand over the evidence to the FBI?

Angela finds herself on the run from several goons headed by Rivas in the final section of the film. Rivas is following the directives of Amygdala’s CEO, Bradley Hasling. Bradley is suspected of concealing a dark secret earlier in the film. Bradley is, in fact, the “Brad” from Samantha’s voice recordings. When Samantha threatened him, he had her assassinated with Rivas’ help because he refused to accept responsibility for his crimes. Rivas and his men have been dispatched by Bradley to look after Angela.

Angela is being followed by a hacker named Yuri as she tries to get to the FBI office. Rivas’ men attempt to kidnap Angela in broad daylight but are foiled by a group of protestors. Angela arrives at the FBI office, but she is drugged and taken back to her apartment before she can enter. Kevin, Angela’s next-door neighbor, attempts to save her from the goons but is wounded in the process. Rivas threatens Angela and Kevin with a gun and demands all of Angela’s proof against Bradley. Angela appears to be doomed, but Rivas and his men make a grave error by bringing her back to her home.

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Despite the fact that killing Angela in her home would have eliminated any suspicion of foul play, the thugs’ fate was sealed as a result of their decision. Angela spends the majority of her time at home, thus she is well-versed in its intricacies. Angela distracts the goons and hides in the attic with Kimi‘s help. She gets a nail gun and kills the goons with it. Angela proves to be a tremendous force in the end, and she triumphs. She reports the crime to the authorities and shares the proof.

Bradley is arrested in the final moments, and the scandal is made public. As a result, Angela succeeds in her mission and receives justice for Samantha’s misdeeds. The conclusion also emphasizes the importance of current technology’s surveillance powers in solving crimes. Despite the Amygdala Corporation’s corrupt business practices, their own device plays a critical role in their CEO’s downfall, and the entire incident has a lyrical irony to it.

Is Angela Getting Over Her Agoraphobia?

Viewers learn more about Angela and her past as the story progresses. Angela suffers from agoraphobia, a fear of unexpected circumstances that causes paranoia and anxiety. As a result, Angela opts to stay at home. Angela’s problems began when she was assaulted, we learn later. During Angela’s talk with Natalie, it is revealed that Angela was molested while working in Washington, DC.

Angela, rather than the attacker, was placed on trial. Angela’s psychological state was severely impacted by the experience, and she developed agoraphobia as a result. Angela’s agoraphobia is also contributing to the stagnation of her and Terry’s relationship. Angela realizes at the conclusion that she must overcome her agoraphobia and walk outside to disclose the truth about the recordings. Despite feeling uncomfortable and on the verge of having a panic attack, Angela overcomes all obstacles and completes her mission.

The camera wanders across Angelas’ whole apartment in the last moments, but she is nowhere to be found. Instead, viewers see Angela at a food truck outside her residence. She has bonded with Terry and is loving her time outside. As a result, Angela’s agoraphobia is no longer a problem. Angela understands Samantha’s predicament, and the arrest of the suspect in Samantha’s case provides Angela with closure on her history. As a result, Angela overcomes her agoraphobia, and the film concludes with her living her best life.