What Happened to Sherry Lovell and Paul Haynes? Where Are They Now? Phrogging Update

What Happened to Sherry Lovell and Paul Haynes
Paul Haynes

What Happened to Sherry Lovell and Paul Haynes? Where Are They Now? – Phrogging: Hider in My House,” a chilling new true crime series on Lifetime, examines actual situations in which homeowners find out that someone else is residing in their residence. TheCreepy Encounters” episode details how Sherry Lovell discovered a person lurking in her crawlspace and how Paul Haynes left his house closed, only to discover later that many strangers had occupied it. So, let’s investigate each case’s specifics and learn where the victims are as of right now.

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Sherry Lovell
Sherry Lovell

What Happened to Paul Haynes and Sherry Lovell?

Sherry Lovell and her three grandkids were residing in Almont, Michigan, as of the year 2019. It was interesting that Sherry raised her grandchildren well and had custody of them. Even the kids enjoyed spending time with their grandmother, and the family grew quite close, according to the show. Sherry and her family’s lives appeared to be relatively idyllic, but in February 2019, she noticed odd happenings in and around the house.

Sherry initially attributed the disappearance of a vodka cocktail to carelessness. Still, as time passed, more food, including cereal boxes and cooked dinners from the refrigerator, started to go missing. Sherry witnessed an entire bottle of air freshener disappear right before her eyes, and she quickly concluded that her grandchildren were being naughty. She approached the kids several times, but they continued to insist on their innocence and said they were unaware of the missing stuff. Sherry believed the kids were lying to her because they didn’t want to get in trouble.

But on February 20, 2019, while changing clothes in her bedroom, Sherry realised her error when she felt the rifle barrel on her back. She turned around to see her ex-husband, who had been pressuring him to deposit all of her money into his account by threatening her and holding a gun to her head. The intruder then admitted that he was the one stealing food and other supplies and that he was residing in the crawlspace of the property.

Sherry obeyed her ex-commander husband, but after forcing her into her own truck and locking the doors with a child safety lock, he started heading toward Detroit. Sherry was understandably terrified to the point of insanity and kept looking for a way out. She finally had her chance when the intruder exited the vehicle and jumped into the driver’s seat, taking the vehicle to the home of her best friend. Later, the police apprehended her ex-husband, and the program reported that he is currently acquitted of 16 felony offenses while awaiting a jury trial.

Paul Haynes, a native of Padre Island, Texas, arrived home in December 2018 following a long journey to Saudi Arabia. Paul entered his house and found various indications that someone had recently broken in. So without wasting time, he called the cops, and they searched the entire house. Even though everything appeared in order at first glance, Paul had strange feelings. His worries were verified when he saw that the house had been broken into the very next day while he was out.

In addition, after entering, Paul heard individuals hurrying up to his attic and realised they were residing there without permission. So he decided to frighten them away and told them to leave the area. Surprisingly, the burglars—two adults and two teenagers—made their way right away to the nearby vacant house. Paul also observed that the proggers made numerous attempts to enter his house again in the following days. At that point, he got in touch with a friend who had published a story about the crime in a local magazine. The piece generated a lot of interest, which made it challenging for the phroggers to go unnoticed, and they hastily fled.

Paul Haynes now

Paul Haynes and Sherry Lovell: Where are They Now?

Sherry Lovell has established a remarkable life surrounded by her loved ones and appears to still reside in her Almont, Michigan, home. Her granddaughters are proud of their grandmother’s fortitude in the face of peril and have remained quite close to her. Additionally, the SpikyTV said that Sherry works as a letter carrier for the USPS, which keeps her busy all year. On the other hand, Paul Haynes keeps his current location secret and withholds his occupation from the audience during the play. But based on appearances, he appears to still reside on Padre Island, Texas.

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