Phrogging: Where Are Vickie Martin and Paul Mohlman Today?

Where Are Vickie Martin and Paul Mohlman Now

Where Are Vickie Martin and Paul Mohlman Now? – The Lifetime documentary “Phrogging: Hider in My House” explores instances where unwary victims discover someone residing in their home without their consent, often with potentially deadly results.

This true-crime thriller that is weirder than fiction investigates the practice of “phrogging,” or covertly residing in another person’s house. Each episode includes two first-person experiences of survivors telling the most twisted, horrifying tales imaginable, from the man in the attic to the creeper in the crawl space. Cinematic recreations help to bring the hints and confrontations to life, together with interviews and important archive sources. Yes, there could be monsters under the bed, as evidenced by this television series.

Two of these stories are covered in the 4th episode titled, “Ex Under the Bed.” Vickie Martin discussed dealing with an ex-boyfriend who pursued her repeatedly before breaking into her house and confronting her. On the other hand, Paul Mohlman described in “Break-in Bad” how he came across two men in his basement. Let’s, therefore, learn more about what happened with Vickie Martin and Paul Mohlman and where they are now.

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Where is Paul Mohlman Today Now

Vickie Martin and Paul Mohlman: Who Are They?

In 2016, Vickie Martin was a resident of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, at the time of the event. She had spent more than 20 years living in the same house. The program claims that Vickie started online dating after all of her children had left home and eventually met Tony Gunter. At first, he came off as a charming man; Tony was a gorgeous and daring electrician. Before he moved in, the couple had been dating for a year and a half, but Vickie soon realized that Tony had changed.

According to the drama, Vickie did some background research on him and discovered that he had previously been accused of attempted manslaughter after assaulting a lady. However, Tony lied when he claimed to her that he had once gotten into a bar brawl with another man and had to serve time. Tony was immediately challenged by Vickie, who urged him to leave. He then made a death threat against her.

Vickie discovered a letter inside the house and began to observe Tony peering at her out the window as he stalked her over the following few days. Vickie subsequently requested a restraining order. Around 3 p.m. in June 2016, she asked for someone to come over and install an alarm system; however, she later thought Tony had already entered her house. Vickie didn’t leave her phone there when the alarm company requested to install an app on it for the security system.

Vickie pulled out a rifle she had stolen from a friend and urged him to dial 911. She located Tony under the bed, fired a few warning shots, and demanded the return of her phone. Vickie shot Tony in the leg when he didn’t move. He ultimately threw the phone away, she dialed 911, and the police quickly took charge of the issue. In the end, Tony received a prison sentence for stalking.

Paul Mohlman had been living with his partner, Michelle Gladstone, and their daughter, Paul Mohlman, was residing in North Knoxville, Tennessee, as of November 2019. Paul was alone at home watching TV one morning during an unexpected day off when he heard a loud noise coming from the bedroom. 

Paul stated, “I walked in, and there’s an old radiator connection and pipe on the floor. How on earth did it get there? There’s a hole in the floor where the radiator pipe used to be, and I can see there’s light coming through the hole from the crawl space. I look in the hole, and there is an eyeball staring back at me. A green eyeball.”

The man’s response to Paul’s question about his purpose for being there confused him. Though the man was only partially clothed, Paul initially assumed he was there for maintenance. Paul was so startled that he thought the intruder was high. So he dialed 911 right away to report the occurrence. Paul Mohlman continued, “I did not go around to the side of the house because I did not know if this person was armed. I had my gun for my protection, not because I wanted to confront this guy and shoot somebody.”

The police eventually located a black 24-year-old man wearing only his shirt, but Paul claimed that he wasn’t the individual Paul had earlier seen. The cops also discovered muriatic acid in the crawlspace along with this man. Paul later observed the same two males outside the business earlier with random goods from surveillance footage of a nearby bar. The second suspect escaped capture, and the one apprehended acted bizarrely. Paul decided not to file a complaint at the time because he preferred receiving medical attention to going to jail.

Who Are Vickie Martin today
Vickie Martin

What Happened to Vickie Martin and Where Is She Now?

Vickie eventually overcame the experience and continued living her life. She is the mother of seven kids, whom she raised collectively in the same home. Vickie is currently a florist who operates out of her house under the name ‘Scentaments Designs‘. Vickie started practicing yoga after the incident, and she today teaches Kundalini yoga at ‘Happy Go Yogi’. She still resides in Goodlettsville and enjoys teaching ceramics and caring for her garden.

Paul Mohlman
Paul Mohlman

What Happened to Paul Mohlman and Where Is He Now?

Later, Paul discovered that the men had tampered with his insulation and heating system, necessitating some urgent repairs. He consequently put locks on the crawlspace doors. “I learned the hard way,” Paul continued. Therefore, I wish that no one has to experience what I did.

Paul is a self-employed contractor in Knoxville with a wealth of experience in the building sector. In the past, he has also held positions as a project facilitator, construction manager, and construction engineer. Paul did experience some difficulty with unemployment during the pandemic, but he now appears to be doing much better.

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