Siberia (2018) Thriller Movie Recap And Ending Explained

Siberia (2018) Thriller Movie Recap

Siberia‘ is a moderately immodest 2018 Russian-English bilingual action thriller set in the shadowy east, with Keanu Reeves providing a nervous edge to the plot.

The spy thriller directed by Matthew Ross follows a not-so-spy who becomes entangled in a web of intrigue. Lucas Hill follows his wife’s advice and tries to be kind to everyone before starting an affair with Katya.

Who knows where his seller Pyotr is, and diamond trader Lucas Hill is playing dangerously near to death in the meantime.

The movie unfolds like a western set in the East, with an improbable romance and a few nasty surprises thrown in for good measure.

The shocking conclusion and awkward lovemaking sequences give this otherwise dreary and sterile storey some life.

Let’s take a closer look at the conclusion.


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Siberia (2018) Ending Explained

Synopsis / Plot of ‘Siberia’ (2018) Movie

Pyotr, who promises to make Hill wealthy, lures Lucas Hill to Saint Petersburg. When he arrives in Petersburg and inquires at the hotel where Pyotr is scheduled to stay, however, Pyotr appears to be unavailable.

The police were going to raid the hotel room, according to Raisa, the hotel receptionist, and Pyotr fled while he still had the chance. Hill Pyotr‘s new address is given to Raisa at the Gorynch Guest House in Mirny.

Meanwhile, Hill puts pressure on Pyotr by reminding him of Boris Volkov’s name. Hill meets with the potential buyer, Boris Volkov, and purchases a few days.

Hill, on the other hand, guarantees Volkov the entire shipment as compensation for the delay. Volkov is a hotshot businessman with mafia ties, and his brother Pavel thinks telling Hill the tale about the Swedes would be intriguing.

Hill is also reminded by Volkov that the South Africans are in town (mainly Vincent). Hill returns to his hotel room later, accesses his cell phone inventory, and sets up a new phone.

He drives to Mirny, a remote settlement in Eastern Siberia, and leaves a message for Pytor. Pyotr has left the guest house and has requested that Hill wait for him.

Hill arrives late; the receptionist hands him the keys and informs him that a man has requested his services.

This is Vincent, who, despite Volkov’s best intentions, appears to be interested in Hill’s life. He wants Hill to think of him as a buddy since he owes him a previous favour.

Meanwhile, while protesting obscenity in a cafe, Hill gets himself into a tangle with Yefrem and his pal. Katya, the cafe owner, comes to get him and brings him to her apartment.

He thanks her by making french toast the next morning. Hill must meet with Pyotr’s brother Andrei, who informs him that Pyotr sold some false gems to former Specnaz member Samsonov and his men.

Meanwhile, Hill spends time with Katya and her nefarious brothers, but where has Pyotr gone?

Siberia Plot Synopsis

Why Is Hill Uneasy at the End of ‘Siberia’? Is Hill still alive or not?

Lucas Hill (Keanu Reeves) is well aware that he has been playing too close to the fire. We don’t know how well Hill knows Pyotr, but he appears uncomfortable in his surroundings.

There are various factors that contribute to his uneasiness. To begin with, he is not in his own nation; instead, he is halfway around the world in a desolate, frigid wasteland. Second, he is involved in a perilous trade – blue gems – that does not appear to be easy to master.

Hill, on the other hand, has a different issue. He is pleasant to everyone, which takes away part of the authority he exudes. Aside from his sudden bursts of enthusiasm and aggressive bantering in Russian, Lucas is mostly silent.

When compared to Howard Ratner from ‘Uncut Gems,’ Keanu Reeves has fewer waves than Adam Sandler’s neurotic energy, yet his interpretation is charming.

When Katya offers Lucas the chance to sleep with her, he mulls over the matter. Lucas and Katya have their fair amount of lovemaking sessions, albeit he’s no James Bond, jumping on the bed with every temptation.

Katya chooses to go with the flow because her brothers believe she has had coitus with the American. Lucas makes a shaky video call to his wife, but returns to Katya for comfort. In the kitchen, Hill makes love to Katya.

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The next morning, Hill goes bear hunting with Katya’s brothers, but he could be the bear. Hill and Katya have another bedroom battle later, and Katya wonders why Hill never offers his wife anything.

Vincent persuades Hill to meet, but it is not for the sake of the diamonds. He has a vested interest in Hill, who is becoming overly visible in the transaction.

Hill is at the centre of the drama, while Pyotr hides in the shade with the excuse of bad weather. Vincent is concerned for Hill’s safety and advises him to return to the United States.

Lucas is being pursued by the FSB as well. Lucas Hill returns to the hotel in Petersburg after the filthy fraternal contract with Volkov, where he is met with even more horrific things.

The FSB wants Hill to use Katya as a chip to channel the fake jewels to Volkov. Hill chooses to save Katya and accepts the mission’s perilous nature.

Some could argue that Hill’s emotions got the best of him, and that he shouldn’t have travelled to Russia in the first place if he couldn’t tolerate the cold.

Hill, on the other hand, has a visceral dislike for Volkov at this time. He’s also grown fond to Katya, particularly since the incident at Volkov’s residence.

As a result, he accepts the FSB’s offer and commits himself to a suicide agreement. He dupes Volkov and his brother at first, but they track him out and shoot him.

This surprising conclusion also demonstrates the dullness of Hill’s non-spy existence living as a spy, giving the novel a Kafkaesque aspect.

Siberia Ending

Is Pyotr Alive or Dead? What Happened To The Real Diamonds?

Pyotr is the game’s real player, having fooled two people — Hill and Samsonov. Pyotr, it appears, has it coming if he hasn’t already fled the site to avoid the weather.

After receiving a tip about Pyotr, Hill returns to Mirny and discovers Andrei dead in the stable. Samsonov’s guys or Volkov’s thugs may have slain him just as Hill arrived at the area.

Where Are The Real Diamonds

The weather becomes a little bleaker after Andrei’s death, and we reach the conclusion of the storey. Hill’s demise is foreshadowed towards the conclusion, but Hill does not go down without a struggle.

Meanwhile, Pyotr is the one who becomes wealthy, and he may keep the genuine diamonds – provided there are no natural diamonds in the equation at all.