Signs of a Psychopath: Where Is Psychopathy Killer ‘Aeman Presley’ Now?

Where Is Aeman Presley Now

Authorities concluded they might have a serial killer on the loose after four murders occurred in fast succession in Atlanta, Georgia, between September and December 2014.

Furthermore, all four deaths were linked by a peculiar type of .45 caliber ammunition, making it difficult for authorities to narrow down a candidate.

Signs of a Psychopath: Most People Would Be Haunted,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, paints a detailed picture of the murder spree and demonstrates how Aeman Presley was apprehended after committing a random, unrelated act, which led to his confession to all four killings.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of this case to see where Aeman is now.

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Who Is Aeman Presley

Aeman Presley: Who Is He?

Aeman Presley was born in Chicago, Illinois, and was raised alone by his mother when his father abandoned the family when he was a child. According to the show, his family suffered financial troubles during his adolescent years, prompting him to engage in minor crimes.

Aeman has also had multiple run-ins with the law in the past, including time served for assault and indecent behaviour. He moved to Los Angeles in the late 2000s to pursue a career as an actor (he had already appeared in two short films), but quickly succumbed to alcohol and drug addiction.

Aeman was even arrested for illicit narcotics possession while coping with a faltering profession. As a result, once the police released him, he returned to Atlanta, Georgia, and sought refuge at a homeless shelter.

Despite the fact that Aeman never gave up on his desire of being an actor and was signed with Atlanta’s Houghton Talent Agency, he expressed frustration over his mounting number of failures. Furthermore, money was scarce, and he quickly fell into a financial quagmire.

As a result, Aeman took matters into his own hands in August 2014, when he bought a five-round Taurus Raging Judge revolver and proceeded to rob individuals for cash. But he had no idea that his life would soon be consumed by a bloodlust that would govern his every move.

Aeman Presley Newspaper cuttings

Aeman Presley’s Victims

Calvin Gholston, a 53-year-old man who was shot to death on September 26, 2014, was Aeman’s first victim. He later admitted that assassinating Calvin provided him a rush of adrenaline and thrill he had never experienced before.

According to Aeman, the sensation was nearly ecstatic, and he understood that the only way to have it all over again was to murder someone. As a result of his inability to control his bloodlust, Aeman went on the hunt for his next victim, killing Dorian Jenkins, 42, on November 23, 2014. He then killed Tommy Mims, who was 68 at the time, three days later. All of Aeman’s victims were homeless by this point, and the cops were beginning to piece together a pattern.

Karen Pearce
Karen Pearce

The bullets were also of a unique type, making it impossible for officers to link them to a specific suspect. Nevertheless, Aeman arrived in Decatur on December 6, 2014, and the next day robbed and killed Karen Pearce, 44. Despite this, the cops appeared to be no closer to apprehending the serial killer, and it appeared as if Aeman would get away with his murders.

Where Is Aeman Presley Today?

Surprisingly, killing Karen Pearce caused Aeman Presley to repent his crimes in an unusual turn of events. He stated that he disliked injuring women, but he eventually recognised that the route he was on would lead to his demise.

As a result, Aeman began looking for ways to resurrect his acting career. On December 11, 2014, he was apprehended while attempting to avoid paying for a train ticket by jumping over a turnstile at an underground station.

Where Is Aeman Presley today

Authorities discovered a revolver and six rounds of ammunition in his backpack, both of which were identical to those used in the murder.

Aeman realised there was no way out after seeing the ballistic report, so he caved in and confessed to all four killings.

Aeman pled guilty to the murders of Calvin Gholston and Karen Pearce in 2016, and was sentenced to two life terms without the possibility of parole. He also admitted to killing Tommy Mims and Dorian Jenkins in 2017. As a result, Aeman is currently incarcerated at Georgia’s Telfair State Prison in McRae-Helena.

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