The Outpost Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date, Photos, Press Release & Recap

The Outpost Season 4 Episode 8

The CW’s The Outpost season four episode eight, “The Pleasing Voice of the Masters,” is filled with feuds and conflicts. Episode 8, directed by Igor Sunter and written by Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin, will premiere on September 2, 2021.

By putting each character in an unanticipated situation, Season 4 Episode 7 of The Outpost explores the rewards and drawbacks of blind faith.

It was a terrific episode once again. Together, Talon and Luna set out to find this strange artifact. Luna’s conviction in doing the right thing leads her on a journey to confront her greatest fear and worst failure.

They ran into an old buddy named Naya. Talon and Luna talk about their previous encounters with her. What’s going to happen next?

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Release Date for Season 4 Episode 8 of The Outpost

Season 4 Episode 8 of The Outpost will air on September 2 at 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET. (Runtime: 43 minutes) On the CW, the episode will be available.

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The Outpost Season 4 Episode 8 Cast Details

Jessica Green plays Talon and Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai-Barochia, and Reece Ritchie play Captain Garret Spears, Janzo, and Zed, respectively.

Wren is played by Izuka Hoyle, Yavalla is played by Jaye Griffiths, Tobin is played by Aaron Fontaine, Falista is played by Georgia May Foote, Luna is played by Maeve Courtier-Lilly, Vorta is played by Nikki Leigh Scott, and Adam Johnson plays munt.

The Outpost Season 4 Episode 8 Official Press Release

“The Pleasing Voice of the Masters” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DLV) (HDTV)

BEST LAID PLANS – Talon (Jessica Green) and Luna (Maeve Courtier-Lilly) fight against the gods but not all goes as planned. Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochia) is reunited with someone from his past. Meanwhile, Garret (Jake Stormoen) and Janzo feud over the fate of a prisoner. Lastly, Tobin (Aaron Fontaine) fights to save Talon. The episode was written by Jason Faller & Kynan Griffin and directed by Igor Ŝunter (#3B08). Original airdate 9/2/2021.

The Outpost Season 4 Episode 8 Promo/Trailer

The Outpost Season 4 Episode 8 Promotional Photos

Recap of The Outpost Season 4 Episode 7

We make a hasty retreat towards Talon (Jessica Green). She and Luna (Maeve Courtier-Lilly) are on the hunt for the key that could spell disaster for the country.

Luna remembers it from her childhood and believes it is still there. Luna had always blamed herself for the death of her family.

Thankfully, Talon is nearby to correct her. Naya’s efforts were ultimately aimed at ensuring the safety of her family. This is something Talon notices, and it helps her realise that Naya is a kind person.

When they learn the key isn’t where they left it, Talon and Luna perceive it as a diversion that will lead them to the correct area, thanks to their combined memories of the past.

The Outpost Season 4 Episode 7

Their unyielding faith in what is right and good brings them to an old acquaintance named Naya. During their quest for Naya, Talon and Luna discuss their previous interactions with her. Naya misled, cheated, and betrayed the people and queen of the Outpost.

Luna can tell via Naya’s account of what happened to her that she was just as much a victim of Dred as her family. The gods have cornered them, and they are now outmanned. Hopefully, they’ll be able to put what they’ve learned to good use when they get away.

Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochia) has a blind trust relationship with the entity known as 313. Janzo is well-versed in the art of communicating with strangers.

Garret (Jake Stormoen) and Zed believe that the most efficient method to encourage him to speak is to intimidate him.

After decades of sleep, Janzo can only imagine how hungry 313 must be, so he feeds the entity adequately in good faith.

After the initial breakthrough, Janzo uses 313’s connection to his brethren as a stepping stone toward compromise.

Garret and Zed’s plans didn’t pan out. Janzo meets up with a new acquaintance. The gods had killed two people for Falista’s (Georgia May-Foote) kinj.

She disregards her friends’ warnings and pays the price for her arrogance.