Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episode 7 & Episode 8 Release Date, Photos, Press Release

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode 7 & Episode 8

Amy and Rosa are on the hunt for O’Sullivan, who appears to be on a mission to frame Jake, in the 6th episode of season 8 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s been briefly removed from the precinct and now needs O’Sullivan’s assistance to re-enter. In the meantime, a violent criminal on the loose is accused of bombing a bus.

If you’re looking for a quick recap of the most recent episode, we’ve included one at the bottom.

Let’s go through everything we know about episode 7 & episode 8 right now!

Release Date for Season 8 Episode 7 & Episode 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 8 Episode 7 & episode 8 of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will premiere on September 2, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET.

Every Thursday, the new season will air two 25-minute episodes back to back, as per the previous season’s schedule. The eighth and final season features a total of ten episodes.

Spoilers for Season 8 Episode 7 & Episode 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry, Jake, and Charles will visit the Boyle Family Farm in the 7th episode, titled “Game of Boyles.

And 8th episode titled “RENEWAL“.

We can’t help but worry if they’ll be stationed there for their next case. It may also be a mini-vacation if the lads need a break from their regular routine.

In any case, we may anticipate typical NYPD action in episode 7!

Amy and Rosa will assist Captain Holt in the meantime.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode 7 & Episode 8 Press Release



09/02/2021 (08:00PM – 08:30PM) (Thursday) : Terry, Jake and Charles visit the Boyle Family Farm. Amy and Rosa help out Capt. Holt.



09/02/2021 (08:30PM – 09:00PM) (Thursday) : The squad comes together to work an important high-stakes case.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode 7 & Episode 8 Promo/Trailer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode 7 & Episode 8 Promotional Photos

Recap of Season 8 Episode 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The precinct is asked for assistance at a bombed site that turns out to be a tour bus in episode 6, titled “The Set Up.”

Jake and the NYPD are being kept out of the case by the feds who are all over the crime scene (the reason being entirely Jake-related).

Jake devises a plot to detonate a second bomb at a bus stop near an IRS building. Jake captures a man as soon as he appears, presuming he is the perpetrator.

Jake is suspended by Holt after he is found not guilty of the bombing.

Holt sends Amy and Rosa to reveal O’Sullivan’s offer to help Jake in exchange for personal benefit.

Amy intends to elicit a drunk confession from O’Sullivan, but she herself becomes inebriated.

Rosa then swaps places with Amy, and O’Sullivan learns of their plot to frame him. Amy accuses him of attempting to blackmail Jake, but he denies it.

Terry is on his way to taking over Scully’s candy company at his annual candy sale when Charles steps in and the two quarrel.

Jake, in the meantime, is continuing looking into the man he detained earlier. Amy and Rosa try to get a handle on the situation, but they arrive on their motorcycles inebriated and disoriented, only to destroy his goal.

Jake is then named in yet another case. When O’Sullivan meets with Holt, he agrees to withdraw all charges against Jake, who had allegedly accused O’Sullivan of dishonesty and sent Amy to frame him.

Jake ultimately admits his errors, and Holt suspends him for a period of five months.