Unsolved Murder Mystery of Beth Buege: How Did She Die And Who Killed Her?

Beth Buege Murder Case

When Beth Buege, a 21-year-old woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was found killed in June 1990, the city was shocked. Despite the fact that Beth was discovered slumped in her car, the investigation quickly proved that she had been murdered elsewhere.

On The Case With Paula Zahn: FLRT12‘ on Investigation Discovery examines Beth’s death and how the subsequent police investigation was beset by dead-ends at every step. Let’s delve deeper into the case and learn more about it, shall we?

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Beth Buege
Beth Buege

What Caused Beth Buege’s Death?

Beth Buege was a 21-year-old young woman who lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her family. Despite the fact that she was an adopted child, Beth was very close to her family and had a particular affinity with her brother, according to the episode.

She worked in a downtown store selling jewellery and had a romantic involvement with one of her coworkers. Beth, who was described as a cheerful and down-to-earth lady, is still sorely missed.

A red 1985 Plymouth Laser was sighted near 4943 N. 49th Street in Milwaukee on June 3, 1990, by a neighbourhood homeowner. A woman slumped inside, albeit she did not appear to be moving, was discovered upon closer scrutiny.

Furthermore, the car was outfitted with a special licence plate that read FLRT12. The resident unlocked the car door since the woman appeared to be in need of assistance before realising she was dead. He dialled 911 right away, and first responders arrived quickly.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they discovered Beth in the passenger seat of the car. Her body was found slumped over the dashboard, and an examination revealed that she had been strangled.

Furthermore, medical examiners discovered fingernail impressions on Beth’s neck in addition to particular asphyxiation marks, indicating that Beth battled desperately for her life before being slain. While the death was classified a homicide right away, the police were convinced that the victim had been murdered before being left inside her car.

June 1, 2010 Photograph of Bruce Buege (left) and his father, Bob Buege (right) at Bob’s milwaukee apartment in the Luther Manor Senior living community. Bruce’s sister Beth Buege ( Bob’s daughter) was murdered in June of 1990 and the killer remains at large. MICHAEL SEARS/MSEARS@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

Who Was Beth Buege’s killer?

Unfortunately, the original investigation into Beth Buege’s death was slow due to a lack of clues or leads at the crime site. Most of Beth’s acquaintances, on the other hand, said she was exceedingly friendly and didn’t have many enemies.

Despite this, the cops persisted in interviewing Beth, and the inquiry uncovered her relationship with her coworker. When the victim’s family was questioned, they stated that while Beth was at work on the day of her murder, she had checked out and gone to her boyfriend’s residence to watch a movie before going to bed.

As a result, Beth’s boyfriend has been identified as the last person to see the victim alive. According to the show, he was a person of interest for the cops.

CCTV evidence and eyewitness testimony, on the other hand, revealed that on the night before Beth’s death was discovered, a mystery guy drove the red 1985 Plymouth Laser to Milwaukee’s 4943 N. 49th Street.

An eyewitness saw the car being driven with Beth, who was already dead, slumped down in the passenger seat, according to the episode.

Beth Buege Murder

Despite the fact that the man was characterised as being well built and wearing spectacles, the police were never able to track down a suspect with such characteristics. Regardless, the police decided to pay Beth’s boyfriend a visit because he was the last person to see her alive.

Both Beth’s boyfriend and his mother, on the other hand, denied any involvement in the murder. They maintained their innocence, and the boyfriend even refused to answer any questions without the presence of an attorney.

While the victim’s family thought Beth’s boyfriend’s decision not to attend her funeral or offer condolences was peculiar, the authorities have now ruled him out as a suspect.

Unfortunately, Beth’s murder remains unsolved due to a lack of new leads, despite the fact that the police claim it is still under investigation. Both of Beth’s parents died since the murder, in a terrible turn of events, but her brother believes it is his job to keep fighting until justice is done.

Call the Milwaukee Police Department’s cold case unit at (414) 935-1212 if you have any information about Beth Buege’s death.

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