Billions Season 6 Episode 9 ‘Hindenburg’ Recap and Ending Explained

Billions Season 6 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) is out for blood in the ninth episode of the sixth season of ‘Billions,’ titled ‘Hindenburg.’ Chuck’s (Paul Giamatti) tenacious campaigning robbed him of the Olympic Games in New York, which he had spent years planning. He now seeks vengeance.

Meanwhile, Chuck has deduced that Mike will not accept defeat gracefully, so he prepares for the impending counterattack. Bill “Dollar” and Mafee pay a visit to Michael Prince Capital. Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) accurately deduces that they are planning to recruit staff based on their body language.

Here’s all you need to know about ‘Billions‘ season 6 episode 9’s conclusion.


Billions Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

Recap of Billions Season 6 Episode 9 ‘Hindenburg’

Mike ruminates on his loss in Episode 9. Chuck shows up, ostensibly to put a stop to the feud once and for all. But both guys are aware that the battle is far from over. Mike orders Scooter (Daniel Breaker) and Wags (David Costabile), his generals, to prepare for revenge and war the next day.

Dave (Sakina Jaffrey) and Chuck are scheduled to meet Stuart Legere at a high-end club in New York, but because Dave arrives before Legere, who is a member, she is instructed to wait outside. She observes as a wealthy guy refuses to let a young mother using a pram into Vanderbilt Park.

Dave starts to get upset. They plan to go after the park’s board of trustees after Chuck arrives. They intend to use this as a starting point for their efforts to open up the city.

Bill “Dollar” and Mafee pay a visit to Michael Prince Capital. At first, Taylor is overjoyed to meet their friends. They quickly realise, however, that those two are spending far too much time with Ben Kim and Tuk Lal. There can only be one reason for this. Bill “Dollar” and Mafee are planning to snare some of Michael Prince Capital’s staff.

They worked together under Axe, and the feeling of friendship has lingered. This is something Taylor informs Philip about. At first, Philip is hesitant to intervene if Ben Kim and Tuk Lal wish to go, but Taylor eventually convinces him of their importance. With Ben Kim and Tuk Lal in the room, Taylor and Philip face “Dollar” Bill and Mafee. Taylor impresses Philip by threatening the former two and persuading the later two to stay.

Because of their personalities, Taylor and Philip are bound to collide. For the time being, though, their collaboration is proving mutually beneficial.

Billions Season 6 Episode 9 Ending, Explained

Is Chuck Fired from His Position as Attorney General of New York in Billions Season 6 Episode 9?

Mike decides to remove Chuck from his position of power after he stole the Olympics from him. Chuck Schumer, the Attorney General of New York, is a divisive character. Throughout his career, he has sought his own conception of justice, always treading the edge between legality and criminality.

The general population is probably aware of this. They also see that, with his new resolutions calling for the complete abolition of the billionaire class, he is their best chance against the wealthy and powerful.

The problem is that when people go after job creators, ordinary folks are impacted as well. Perhaps this is why Chuck is such a polarising figure. Mike first approaches Governor Sweeney’s probable opponent in an attempt to remove Chuck from his job as Attorney General. The latter gets the message and files a motion of no confidence in Chuck in the State Senate.

Mike waved the issue with Vanderbilt Park in front of the other man and his team to deflect Chuck’s attention away from what he was doing. It was later revealed. They went after the park’s board of trustees after being lured in by the bait.

It was already too late when they recognised what was going on. Mike even persuades Chuck’s loyal backer, State Senator Clay Tharp, to flip sides by pressuring Sweeney to pull money from the senator’s district.

Chuck makes an emotional defence speech in front of the State Senate, vilifying Prince and establishing his own stance as the correct one. Some senators are persuaded, but not enough, and Chuck is dismissed as Attorney General. Prince appears to believe that their struggle is over, but he should know better.

After losing the Olympics, he didn’t give up. As a result, there’s no reason to suppose Chuck will either. This battle has undoubtedly been won by Prince, but the fight is far from done.

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