What Happened To ‘Denny Hamlin’? Where Is He Now?

Where is Denny Hamlin Now

Race: Bubba Wallace,’ a six-part Netflix docuseries, follows Bubba Wallace, the only active black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, as he utilises his platform to speak out against racial injustice.

The show also delves into his special bond with legendary NASCAR racer James Dennis Alan “Denny” Hamlin. He is a fellow racer as well as the co-owner of the team for whom Bubba competes.

Denny, like Bubba, started racing at a young age and learned a lot about automobiles at his father’s repair shop, which is also where he developed his work ethic.

In the early 2000s, he signed a developmental driver contract with Joe Gibbs Racing and made his Cup Series debut in 2005.

Denny has been a constant presence at the racetracks over the years, with his greatest season coming in 2010. Despite winning eight races on the schedule, Denny finished second in the championship at the time.

In a career spanning nearly two decades and counting, he has 46 race wins and 305 top-ten finishes. As a result, we decided to learn more about his current whereabouts.

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Who is Denny Hamlin

What Happened To Denny Hamlin & Where Is He Now?

Denny and his longtime buddy, NBA great Michael Jordan, revealed their plan to create 23XI Racing in September 2020.

For the 2021 season, they planned to enter one vehicle in the Cup Series and chose Bubba as their driver.

“There was a report that was put out indicating that Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan were trying to purchase a stake in a race team,” the 41-year-old remembered.

Should I send this to him or not? I pondered. I didn’t mean to irritate him, but I just sent it to him.”

Denny believed it would be a joke at first, but when he and Michael quickly became business partners, it was no joke.

Denny chose to invest in the team to stay associated with NASCAR when he retired from driving with the goal of creating a winning environment. “We’ve got to be in this for the long haul,” he remarked.

As a result, the strategic approach we’re trying to take is to construct something slowly but steadily.”

Bubba’s first season with 23XI was filled with ups and downs, with him finishing 21st in the standings. The crew, on the other hand, relished their first victory at the Daytona 500 in Florida.

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“It’s like watching your kid succeed at whatever they’re doing, whether it’s baseball, musical theatre, whatever,” Denny exclaimed. I’m not related to anyone on this squad, yet they’re like family to me. We spend a lot of time together and put in a lot of effort.

I know the folks who work in the shop put forth a lot of effort. Just ten, twelve months ago, they had to grind their butts off to get this team off the ground.”

Kurt Busch joined Bubba for the 2022 season, bringing the team to two drivers. Denny predicted that the team’s drivers will make the playoffs and then improve on their success.

Denny is still a Cup Series and Xfinity Series driver for Joe Gibbs Racing. He was unfortunate enough to crash out of the recent Daytona 500.

Denny has two daughters with Jordan Fish, his previous partner. However, there have been unsubstantiated rumours that their marriage would dissolve in 2021.

Denny appears to be based in North Carolina, where 23XI Racing’s offices are also located. The Denny Hamlin Foundation also generates funds and promotes awareness for children with cystic fibrosis and other chronic conditions.