What Happened To ‘Meghan Crumpler’ of ‘1000-lb Best Friends’, Where Is She Now?

Where Is Meghan Crumpler From 1000-lb Best Friends Now

Meghan Crumpler, Tina Arnold, Vannessa Cross, and Ashely Sutton are the four closest friends who are dealing with physical health issues and the social stigma that comes with excessive obesity.

Cameras follow the buddies as they utilise humour and hard work to combat their health problems, all while assisting each other with difficult diets and behaviour adjustments.

With fans eager to learn more about the lives of these four closest friends, let’s find out where Meghan Crumpler is today.

Who Is Meghan Crumpler

Meghan Crumpler: Who Is She?

Meghan Crumpler from ‘1000-lb Best Friends‘ admits that she was the one who persuaded her friend Vannessa Cross to seek treatment from bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Procter.

She weighed a whopping 496 pounds when she initially went to the doctor’s office and was completely overwhelmed by the task ahead of her.

Meghan, never one to back down from a fight, grabbed the bull by the horns and resolved to fight for a better way of life one day at a time.

Meghan began adjusting her food and lifestyle with a tenacious desire. Dr. Proctor had encouraged her to shed roughly 20 pounds at first, but Meghan refused to commit to a specific amount.

Megan’s then-boyfriend, Jon, was likewise dedicated to assisting Megan in becoming a better version of herself.

Meghan’s commitment to change endeared her to admirers, and much to no one’s surprise, she was discovered to have shed a total of 40 pounds (twice the amount she was requested for), allowing her to undergo the weight-loss procedure.

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What Has Happened to Meghan Crumpler

What Has Happened to Meghan Crumpler?

Meghan Crumpler’s miraculous change was witnessed by all as she lost another 160 pounds after the weight-loss operation.

Meghan Crumpler weighed a total of 338 pounds before the weight-loss operation. She was even engaged to Jon, and the two were looking forward to a better future together.

Meghan’s victorious and still-ongoing battle with morbid obesity serves as an inspiration to everyone who follow in her footsteps, and it’s incredibly heartwarming to see Meghan enjoying the greatest days of her life right now.

Meghan is currently based in Hoschton, Georgia, and is the proud mother of her cat Jaxson. She has been very open about her weight loss journey, posting images of herself eating a nutritious food and living a healthy lifestyle, both of which played a major role in her transformation.

Meghan has already began to address her other health issues, according to reports, and has ceased using her oxygen equipment post-surgery.

Meghan is now a family woman who enjoys spending time with her loved ones and making the most of her possibilities.

Besides, despite the fact that she and Jon keep their love quiet, it is still growing, and they even celebrated New Year 2022 in style.

Additionally, we wish Meghan the best of luck in her future ventures, as she is a popular video creator on TikTok and has an upcoming podcast with her friend Tina Arnold.