What Has Happened to Ashely Sutton’s ‘1000-lb Best Friends’? Where Is She Now?

Where Is Ashely Sutton 1000-lb Best Friends Now

1000-lb Best Friends is a documentary that follows Meghan, Tina, Vannessa, and Ashely as they attempt to lose weight.

The voyage, however, is complex, and the gang frequently relies on one another and their hard work to make progress.

We went in to find out where Ashely Sutton is now because the crowd was quite interested in learning more about the performers.

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What is Ashely Sutton’s background?

Ashely had previously met Vannessa and Meghan, which made her admittance into ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ very simple. However, her great charisma, quick wit, and humorous demeanour all worked in her favour, and she immediately became a fan favourite.

Her relationship with the rest of the ensemble was also praised, as her openness and willingness to take on new tasks contributed significantly to the show’s dynamic.

According to the episode, Ashely has struggled with obesity since she was a child and has always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle.

Where Is Ashely Sutton Now

She had even taken the initiative in the past and had a weight-loss surgery that resulted in her losing a significant amount of weight.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and without anybody to watch her behaviour, Ashely reverted to her previous unhealthy lifestyle, gradually regaining the weight she had meticulously lost.

Ashely’s appearance on ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ seemed like a dream come true since it was life-giving her a second shot.

Ashely took weight loss seriously this time, determined to make it work, and she even succeeded since she had others to support and cheer her on.

Who Is Ashely Sutton

What Has Happened to Ashely Sutton? Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, Ashely Sutton enjoys a private existence and prefers to avoid the public eye. She has a very low social media presence and does not disclose much information about her family or personal life.

She is currently residing in Atalanta, Georgia, and appears to be a family-oriented woman. Her current relationship status appears to be uncertain as well, owing to her desire to remain anonymous.

Still, with Ashely saying that her health journey is still ongoing and her new career as a prominent and well-loved reality TV star, we hope she finds success and happiness in the days ahead.

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