What Happened To ‘Tina Arnold’ of ‘1000-lb Best Friends’? Where Is She Now?

Where Is Tina Arnold From 1000-lb Best Friends Now

1000-lb Best Friends‘ is about a group of best friends who have banded together to fight morbid obesity and live better lives.

Meghan Crumpler, Tina Arnold, Vannessa Cross, and Ashely Sutton are the stars of the show, which follows the friends as they fight obesity with hard work, wit, and drive.

They’re also one other’s biggest cheerleaders, helping each other acclimate to abrupt nutritional and lifestyle adjustments.

With fans eager to learn more about the key cast members, we decided to dig deeper and discover Tina Arnold’s current whereabouts!

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Who Is Tina Arnold

Tina Arnold: Who Is She?

Tina Arnold had a long and illustrious professional career. She rose to prominence after publishing a striking piece titled “Body Shaming in Today’s World” in the Henry Neighbor Newspaper in 2017.

She also enrolled in a one-year Medical Coding and Billing course at DeVry University in Westminster, Colorado, in the same year.

Tina began writing self-published novels after receiving her certificate and quickly discovered a specialized audience for her work.

She graduated from Ashford University with an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching in 2020.

Tina rose to fame after speaking out in support of body positivity after having struggled with obesity for a long time.

She has also contributed to the Barrow News-Journal, where her work titled ‘Confronting the misconceptions surrounding persons who are overweight’ was published in 2021, in addition to the Henry Neighbor Newspaper.

Tina’s work life has progressed in a remarkable way.

Tina’s long-standing friendship with castmate Meghan Crumpler drew her to ‘1000-lb Best Friends,’ She spoke about how the show changed her perspective on things.

Tina claimed that she has always lived in a cocoon surrounded solely by people she loves but that the show taught her that it was alright to be flawed and authentic.

Tina’s weight loss struggle began in 2021, according to reports, and she shed roughly 80 pounds before regaining it all.

Tina, on the other hand, has taken up the task of living a healthy lifestyle and is totally devoted to completing it.

Tina told People magazine that she wants to live a healthy life so she can be there for her loved ones. “I want to be able to not only be here longer for my family but also to see my children’s children,” she said.

My youngest is eight years old, and I’ve stood on the sidelines for the majority of his life, unable to run around and play with him.”

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Where Is Tina Arnold Now

Where Is Tina Arnold Now? What Happened To Her?

Tina Arnold currently resides in Hoschton, Georgia, and is devoted to her family. Her social media account is brimming with amazing memories she creates with her friends and family.

The reality star and her husband, Johnnie Arnold, as well as their children, have a strong bond. Tina appears to be fully committed to changing her lifestyle in order to live a healthier life, especially for her loved ones.

She frequently records her weight loss progress on Instagram to keep her loved ones updated.

Meghan Crumpler is also a huge supporter of her friend, and the two of them are dedicated to a brighter future together. Tina’s prominence as a writer will undoubtedly increase in the future, as will her new career as a reality TV show host and her podcast with Meghan.

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