Where Has Cory L. King Been Since The Murder of Louise Dickey?

Where Has Cory L. King Been Since The Murder of Louise Dickey

When a family member couldn’t get through to Louise Dickey on the phone, she went to her residence, only to discover her slain in the bathtub.

See No Evil: The Last Shop,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, focuses on a horrible murder that shocked the city of Independence, Missouri.

However, thanks to security camera evidence that assisted them in tracking down the killer, officials were able to make a speedy arrest. So, how about we find out more about this case?

What Caused Louise Dickey’s Death?

Louise M. Dickey was a 63-year-old Independence resident who lived alone. She retired as an accountant and was receiving disability payments at the time.

Despite being involved in a car accident that disrupted her daily routine, Louise kept a positive attitude and enjoyed listening to music.

Her daughter, Miranda Rice, received notice from Louise’s neighbour on March 29, 2016, that her automobile had gone missing.

Miranda’s attempt to contact her mother went directly to voicemail. She went to Louise’s house, worried.

She was found stabbed to death in the bathtub at a violent crime scene. Some of Louise’s other possessions were also missing.

She had been stabbed 98 times, and her throat had been slit, according to the show. The police hoped to find Louise’s car because they thought it would lead to further information about the killer.

Louise Dickey

Who Murdered Louise Dickey?

Miranda told the officers that her mother had last messaged her on Facebook on March 28, 2016.

Just hours after the body was discovered, authorities discovered Louise’s automobile parked outside a neighbourhood convenience shop.

It had been there since the previous night, according to the owner. Surveillance film showed a white male with a crew cut driving the automobile, stopping at a convenience shop, and then leaving with another person in another vehicle.

Louise’s cell phone was used around the time the suspect was seen chatting on the phone, according to the detectives.

Outside the same business, he was also witnessed using her debit card at an ATM. Cory L. King, then 26 years old, was eventually identified by the authorities.

In Kansas City, Missouri, he was arrested in a motel. According to the show, he originally denied any involvement in the murder until confessing.

Because his aunt was a close friend of Louise’s, Cory had known her for a long time. On March 28, he had assisted Louise with shopping earlier in the day.

When they arrived at her house, Cory requested if he could sleep on her couch because he was on Xanax and marijuana at the time.

When she declined, Cory alleged, an argument began, which turned violent.

Cory said to the police that he discovered a box cutter at home and grabbed Louise from behind, cutting her throat.

When she clasped her neck, he cut her again. Cory then took her to the bathtub and stabbed her with a knife numerous times.

He then drove away in Louise’s car with some cash, her debit card, her phone, and prescription drugs. Cory used the phone to call a buddy, who subsequently came to fetch him up.

Cory L. King

What Happened to Cory L. King?

Miranda was grateful for the investigators’ efforts when Cory was apprehended just days after the murder.

“She never hurt anybody,” she remarked of Louise. She was kind and outgoing. Everyone who knew her will miss her much.”

Cory later pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and armed criminal action, according to the show.

He was given the death penalty and was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole. Cory is still detained at the Potosi Correctional Center in Mineral Point, Missouri, according to prison records.