Where Have Hazel Louise Short & Donald Glen Everett Gone Since the Cathy Whitehead Murder?

Cathy Whitehead Murder Case

When Cathy Whitehead stepped out to receive her fiance’s call from a nearby payphone on April 14, 1983, she had no idea what was about to happen to her.

She never returned home, and her partially but the severely charred body was discovered in an abandoned well in Gwinnett County about a year later.

Your Worst Nightmare: Cooking with Fire,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, recounts the brutal murder in detail and concentrates on the subsequent investigation that brought the murderers to prison.

If you’re wondering where the offenders are right now, we’ve got you covered!

Cathy Whitehead File Photo

What Caused Cathy Whitehead’s Death?

Catherine Louise “Cathy” Tucker Whitehead was a well-known socialite who lived in an apartment in Rockdale County, Georgia.

Cathy was adored by her family and loved ones, who described her as someone who loved life and was very down-to-earth.

She was also in a wonderful relationship with her boyfriend, John Short, and the two were looking forward to starting a family together.

Donald Glen Everett arrived at Cathy’s door on April 14, 1983, and requested her to come to a neighbouring payphone to take a call from her fiance.

Cathy didn’t give the request any thought and went along with it, eager to speak with John. However, in an unexpected turn of events, she never returned home, and Cathy’s mother discovered her abandoned vehicle alongside the payphone the next day.

Furthermore, the phone dangled from its cord, implying a violent altercation or kidnapping. The police searched for the missing women for months, leaving no stone unturned in their quest.

The majority of the searches, however, led to dead ends, and work on the case slowed to a standstill.

Authorities were led to an abandoned well in Gwinnett County over a year later, in March 1984, where they discovered decomposing and severely charred human remains, as well as clothing and a blue blanket.

Despite the lack of an autopsy, the police determined that the human remains and the objects belonged to Cathy.

Furthermore, authorities confirmed that the death was a homicide.

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Who Was Responsible For the Death of Cathy Whitehead?

When authorities learned of Cathy’s disappearance, they did everything they could to find her. However, without any leads or evidence, the investigation stopped, and the case was left unsolved for nearly a year.

Officers also discovered that Hazel Louise Short, Donald’s girlfriend’s mother, was married to John for more than 20 years until they divorced.

Authorities suspected she had a grudge against Cathy, but without finding the missing woman or her body, they were unable to make an arrest.

After witnesses said he had been talking to others about Cathy and her disappearance, the police arrested Donald Glen Everett in March 1984.

Donald confessed to his involvement in the crime after being captured and questioned by police and led authorities to where he and his colleagues had disposed of Cathy’s body.

Donald also accused his girlfriend Tina Short, her mother Hazel, and Hazel’s nephew Nickie Ford through his comments.

Following that, the police detained individuals involved, and Nickie and Tina quickly confessed to their roles in the crime when questioned.

Hazel, on the other hand, originally disputed all charges and eventually requested an attorney. She had a change of heart, though, and decided to confess to everything.

After Cathy was taken, Hazel stated that Tina drove her around in a car while Nickie sat in the passenger seat.

She was then stabbed in the arm and placed in the trunk of a car before being transported to an abandoned vehicle in Gwinnett County.

The victim was then burned before being strangled and thrown into a well by the murderers. The police made their arrests after receiving a comprehensive confession and bringing closure to the victim’s family.

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What Has Happened to Donald Glen Everett & Hazel Louise Short?

When Donald was brought to court, he testified that he was merely involved in luring the woman out of her home and disposing of her body.

Hazel, on the other hand, did not testify but had her statement read to the jury. Donald Everett eventually pleaded guilty to kidnapping and received a life sentence in 1986.

Hazel Louise Short, on the other hand, was found guilty of kidnapping with bodily injury and murder, earning her two consecutive life terms.

Both Donald and Hazel are currently out of prison, according to the show. Donald was granted parole in 1993, while Hazel was granted parole in 2018.

Hazel has led a private life after her release and wishes to remain out of the spotlight. Her current whereabouts are unknown, as she has a limited social media presence and no fresh information on her life.

Meanwhile, Donald looks to be happily married and living in Covington, Georgia, with his wife and two children.