Black Bird: Where is Edmund Beaumont Now? Is He Based on a Real Life Prosecutor?

Is Edmund Beaumont Based on a Real Prosecutor
Image Source: Dateline NBC/NBC

Where is Edmund Beaumont Now? Is He Based on a Real Person? – Black Bird, a crime drama on Apple TV+, tells the captivating true tale of a Chicago-based James “Jimmy” Keene is detained for trafficking drugs. Following the advice of federal prosecutor Edmund Beaumont, Jimmy enters a guilty plea to the charges in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence, but instead receives a ten-year jail term.

In exchange for Larry DeWayne Hall’s confession to the purported murder of Tricia Reitler and the location of her presumed dead body, Beaumont returns to Jimmy’s life and offers him freedom. Viewers would be curious as to whether Beaumont is based on a real prosecutor, given how important he is to Jimmy in the show. Let’s find out.

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Edmund Beaumont Based on a Real life Prosecutor
Image Source: Apple TV+

Is Edmund Beaumont Based on a Real Life Prosecutor?

Yes, Edmund Beaumont, the prosecutor, is said to be modeled on a genuine prosecutor. The protagonist appears to be a fictitious version of Lawrence Beaumont, also known as Larry Beaumont, a federal prosecutor in real life. In both Jimmy and Larry Hall’s cases, the prosecutor acted as the country’s representative. Beaumont met Jimmy after he was given a ten-year jail term in Milan, Michigan, to see if he could help establish a link between Larry Hall and the alleged murder of Tricia.

“All I knew was that Jimmy Keene was a cunning, intelligent young man who didn’t like the punishment we handed him.” According to the source text of the program, “In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption,” written by Jimmy Keene and Hillel Levin, “I figured he would jump at the opportunity to get out early,” the prosecutor said about choosing Jimmy for the undercover mission. Beaumont, who thought Larry was “responsible for more than twenty additional homicides,” eventually reached an agreement with Jimmy.

After three months of work, Beaumont was able to secure Jimmy’s transfer to Larry’s jail in Springfield, Missouri, with the help of the Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons. The prosecutor was concerned about whether Larry’s defence would be able to get his conviction overturned at the moment. After working with Gary Miller, the lead detective on Larry’s investigation, Beaumont reportedly couldn’t even consider Larry being released on bail. Jimmy’s covert operation had to be a success for Beaumont to prevail in his legal battle with Larry.

According to rumours, the alleged murderer, Larry detested Beaumont. Have you ever heard of Beaumont, this guy? No matter what, that damned guy was chasing me. According to the original text, Larry said to Jimmy, “Man, guy was nuts. In ‘In with the Devil,’ Jimmy allegedly succeeded in getting Larry to admit to burying Tricia’s body. But he was unable to pinpoint its precise position.

According to the original text, Jimmy said the same thing: “Without Tricia Reitler’s body, I did not accomplish my assignment, and I didn’t know what Beaumont was going to do about that.”

Beaumont nevertheless assisted Jimmy in leaving jail free. “Well, the objective of our inquiry was to find the body, and we didn’t find it. In fact, I had previously informed Jim that he wouldn’t get paid for it unless we discovered the body. I still had to persuade the judge to grant him credit after he cleared the polygraph related to the statements he had heard from Hall. As for facilitating Jimmy’s release from prison, Beaumont stated, “It was the only just thing we could do because, after all, he did sit in the nuthouse with this person.”

Is Edmund Beaumont Based on a Real Prosecutor
Image Source: Dateline NBC/NBC

Where is Edmund Beaumont Today?

In 2006, Lawrence Beaumont left the Justice Department. Beaumont was a private attorney in 2010 at the time the source text was published. He is presently based in Chicago, Illinois, according to sources. He also decided to keep his private affairs private. Beaumont genuinely thought Larry had murdered Tricia.

Regarding Larry’s potential involvement in Tricia’s case, Beaumont said, “We were fairly positive [Hall] did Reitler, and there was kind of a debate between us and Marion [police] because they were so convinced that he didn’t do it.” However, after Jimmy’s mission is successful, he gives up trying to prove that Larry killed Tricia.

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