Judie Winn Murder: Where is Patricia Tito Now?

Where is Patricia Tito Now

Where is Patricia Tito Now? (Judie Winn Killer) – Patricia Tito’s story is one of two cases covered in Investigation Discovery’sDeadly Women: Fatal Instincts: What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine.’ Patricia’s rage-fueled attack on Judie Winn resulted in her death in August 2003.

Patricia’s rage is explored in the episode, as well as what happened to her after her incarceration. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve got you covered.

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Patricia Tito, Who is She?

Patricia Tito was a regular fixture in the neighbourhood pubs in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She exploited her charm and sexiness to acquire what she wanted, according to the episode, and had men pay for her demands. She eventually met Chris Shufflin, a wealthy man who seemed to be just what she needed: someone who would give her money whenever she needed it.

Chris would send Patricia cheques ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars on a regular basis. Chris had a stroke and was hospitalised after the relationship lasted a year. He couldn’t afford to maintain paying for Patricia’s lifestyle as a result of this, and she ended their relationship. Patricia tried to return to Chris as soon as she ran out of money, but she quickly discovered that he was seeing 59-year-old Judie Winn at the time.

She lived in Shreveport, Louisiana, and worked as a secretary for an oil firm. Soon after, Patricia’s rage gained over. Patricia, according to the episode, once destroyed Judie’s automobile by putting paint all over it. She then left many irate, profanity-laced, and threatening messages on Judie’s house phone and Chris’ mobile on August 31, 2003. “You just better sleep with one mother f—— eye open,” one note said. “Let me tell you something, partner: nobody on God’s green planet… is going to be able to make Judie Winn f—— identifiable,” said another.

Chris alerted the authorities, but it was all over before they could react. Judie was at home with Chris and some family on August 31. She was doing dishes in the kitchen when she was shot through the window. Patricia stood on the porch and fired a single shot, killing Judie in the chest. Patricia was arrested shortly after, due to her past with Chris and the threatening messages. She was charged with murder at the age of 39.

Judie Winn Murder

What Happened to Patricia Tito and Where Is She Now?

Judie Winn identified her killer before she died, telling Chris, “Tricia Tito shot me.” Patricia eventually acknowledged to killing Judie and pled guilty to manslaughter, escaping a life sentence if she had been convicted of second-degree murder. Patricia Tito was sentenced to 40 years in jail in March 2007 and would only be eligible for parole after serving 34 years. Patricia appears to be serving her time in a Louisiana jail facility, based on our information.

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