Diamond Bradley Murder Case: Where is Richard Henderson Today?

Diamond Bradley Murder

Diamond Bradley Murder: Where is Richard Henderson Now? – In My Heart, I Knew,‘ the latest episode of See No Evil, will focus on the puzzling case of Diamond Bradley and Richard Henderson. The true-crime show aired on Investigation Discovery.

Diamond, a sixteen-year-old girl who unexpectedly vanishes in 2018, will be the subject of the episode. When detectives and police search for her, they are hoping to find clues about her whereabouts via surveillance film.

However, what they find is terrifying: the teen was stabbed numerous times and put in a roadside ditch by an older man called Richard Henderson. So, if you’re curious about what transpired in this case, you’re in luck.

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How Did Diamond Bradley Die
Diamond Bradley

What Caused Diamond Bradley’s Death?

Diamond was 16 years old and lived in Spring Valley, Illinois, with her mother and siblings. She was close to her family and was always willing to assist others. Diamond was considered as a fun person to be around. She had previously attended Hall High School in Spring Valley, but at the time of the incident, she was enrolled in a GED programme.

Diamond had her whole life ahead of her, and she wanted to be a nurse. Diamond’s mother, Doris, awoke on January 24, 2018, but couldn’t find her daughter at home. Concerning the family who reported her missing, calls to her cellphone went directly to voicemail. Diamond had been last seen around 10 p.m. the night before, and her body was discovered on January 27, 2018.

After discovering the remains in a ditch along a road in Putnam County, Illinois, a passerby dialled 911. Diamond had many stab wounds, including one in the back.

Who Killed Diamond Bradley
Diamond Bradley was arrested in Richard Henderson murder case.

Who Killed Diamond Bradley and Why?

According to the show, the authorities learnt via Diamond’s sister that she had been posting ads and agreeing to meet men on an online dating site. They looked into her cellphone pings from January 24 to figure out where she was going that day. The investigators could see a black Jeep arrive, and a man was entering the store on surveillance video from a petrol station near Diamond’s home.

They couldn’t read the licence plate number, though. This was around the time Diamond was thought to be in the neighbourhood, according to the cellphone. Following the path, the investigators noticed the same vehicle on security tape along the way. Diamond’s last known location, according to the phone, was a remote area in Putnam County.

They set out to find this automobile, believing it held the key to discovering what had happened to the adolescent. Richard Henderson, a black Jeep owner from Standard, Illinois, was eventually identified by the authorities. The two connected online before arranging to meet in person on January 24, according to the authorities. Richard admitted to going to the gas station during questioning; he was the one who was caught on camera that morning.

According to the episode, Richard met Diamond, and they intended to get some molly for her. However, they were unable to locate any, so he claimed to have dropped her off outside of Granville, Putnam County. However, the cellphone evidence contradicted Richard’s story. Richard confessed when the cops pressed him further. He stated that the two had intercourse after driving to an isolated place, according to the show.

He claimed Diamond drew a knife, and a scuffle followed when he requested her to step out. Richard attacked her after removing the knife and left her for dead in the place where she was subsequently discovered. The authorities disagreed with Richard’s claim of self-defense. Diamond’s mother, Doris Bradley, testified about the impact the murder had on her family. She moved to Illinois Valley to offer a better life for her children, but she said the ideal had fallen by the wayside, and her family no longer wanted to stay because of the horrific memories.

I have two other children, 14 and 11, and they can’t sleep at night. I can’t work the way I used to, and we’re all just trying to get through this so we can get on with our lives. Diamond was my everything. My house is so quiet, she was everything to us, and now it’s all been taken away from us.
Where is Richard Henderson Now
Richard Henderson was sentenced to 53 years in prison for Diamond Bradley murder without the possibility of parole.

What Happened to Richard Henderson and Where Is He Now?

A knife was discovered in an ashpit at Richard’s place of business, a commercial greenhouse. He was first accused of murder concealment, but the allegation was eventually withdrawn. Richard, then 26 years old, pled guilty to Diamond Bradley murder in November 2018. He was then sentenced to 53 years in prison for Diamond Bradley murder without the possibility of release. According to our information, Richard is presently completing his sentence in an Illinois jail facility.

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