Diane Snellen Murder Case: Where Are Stephanie Olson and David Dressman Today?

Diane Snellen Murder
Diane Snellen

Diane Snellen Murder: Where Are Stephanie Olson and David Dressman Now? – Stephanie Olson and David Dressman plotted to murder Olson’s mother, Diane Snellen, when she refused to let her move out. Motorcycle-riding Diane Snellen is a single mother in Georgetown, Kentucky, trying to make her place in the world while navigating the dating scene, but her life is cut short when she is stabbed in her own house.

When 911 operators in Georgetown, Kentucky, received word of a probable killing in the neighbourhood, they dispatched a first-responder team right away. Authorities were surprised to see Diane Snellen, 41, dead in a pool of her own blood when they arrived on the scene.

Betrayed: Hell on Wheels,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, exposes the heinous murder and follows the subsequent police investigation that led to the arrest of the offender. If you’re intrigued by this case and want to know where the killers are right now, we’ve got you covered.

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How Did Diane Snellen Die
Diane Snellen with her daughter, Stephanie Olson

What Caused Diane Snellen’s Death?

Diane Snellen, a mother of two, lived in Georgetown, Kentucky, with her daughter, Stephanie Olson. Diane’s neighbours commended her kindness and friendliness, describing her as a down-to-earth and kindhearted person who was always ready with a grin for everyone she met.

Her former spouse, on the other hand, remarked on Diane’s ability to remain positive in the face of adversity and always see the bright side of things. When word of her tragic death went throughout the neighbourhood, it was truly heartbreaking.

Stephanie Olson called 911 on June 6, 2002, claiming that she found her mother dead in a pool of her own blood. When police arrived at the site, they discovered Diane unresponsive in a pool of blood in her daughter’s room. She was fully naked from the waist down, and she had terrible bruises all over her body, in addition to many knife wounds.

Diane appeared to have fought bravely for her life at first appearance, and an examination later revealed that she had been stabbed 27 times to death. Nothing appeared to have been taken, and there was no evidence of forced entry, indicating an inside job.

Stephanie Olson
Stephanie Olson and Her Boyfriend, David Dressman stabbed Mother, Diane Snellen 27 Times

Who Killed Diane Snellen and Why?

When the police started looking for clues in Diane Snellen murder, they searched the house and even sat through multiple interviews in the hopes of finding something. According to the show, when officials questioned Stephanie, she seemed unconcerned about the situation and even suggested that her mother may have committed herself.

Officers were suspicious of her behaviour, but there was no evidence linking her to the crime, so they had to let her go. However, after additional investigation, the cops discovered that Stephanie and Diane had a tumultuous relationship. The victim was dissatisfied with her daughter’s behaviour and frequently chastised her. Stephanie, however, disliked being dominated by her mother as a teenager and, according to the show, had previously rebelled against Diane.

When Stephanie started dating David Dressman, though, things got even worse. Stephanie was enraged and irritated by Diane’s disapproval of her daughter’s new partner. According to accounts, David and Stephanie attempted to flee the country but were apprehended in Georgia and returned home. Stephanie was equally enraged at her mother for refusing to let her relocate, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

David Dressman
David Dressman

A prison informant disclosed that a man named Timothy Crabtree had admitted to killing Diane, which gave the police a break in the investigation. Authorities lost no time in confronting Crabtree and quickly forced him to confess under duress. When questioned, the suspect implicated Stephanie and David in the murder and said that the couple had framed him.

Crabtree also claimed that, despite accompanying the couple to Diane’s house on the night of the murder, only David and Stephanie were in the room when Diane was murdered. The police were convinced of the couple’s involvement after receiving such a detailed witness testimony. Stephanie Olson and her boyfriend, David Dressman were detained and charged with Diane Snellen murder after more evidence linked them to the crime.

Where Are Stephanie Olson and David Dressman Now
Stephanie was sentenced to 25 years in jail in 2005. David Dressman was sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison in 2006.

What Has Happened to Stephanie Olson and David Dressman?

Stephanie was still a minor when she was murdered; therefore, the police had to go through the juvenile courts to arrest her, which took until early 2004. Stephanie was found guilty of involvement in the murder and sentenced to 25 years in jail in 2005 after being brought to trial.

David Dressman, on the other hand, was convicted of complicity in murder and first-degree burglary in 2006 and sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison in Diane Snellen murder case. Stephanie petitioned for a sentence reduction in 2015, but her request was denied. As a result, she will stay detained at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in Shelby County, Kentucky, until 2024, when she will be eligible for release.

On the other hand, despite the fact that David Dressman had no prison records, an official parole list states that he was eligible for parole in 2021. Even if he were to be released on parole, his position as a parolee would prevent him from leaving the state of Kentucky.

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