Where is School Teacher Spencer Herron Now? Betrayal Podcasts

Where is Spencer Herron Now

Where is School Teacher Spencer Herron Now? – ‘Betrayal,’ a true-crime podcast series produced by Glass Podcasts and iHeartMedia, dives into the sad story of how a schoolteacher essentially destroyed numerous lives by living in duplicity. In other words, it follows convicted sex offender Spencer Wayne Herron’s devious schemes as well as his heinous crimes through the eyes of his former wife, Jenifer Faison.

So, if you want to understand more about the vicious predator, including all the important data regarding his past, wrongdoings, motivations, and current whereabouts, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

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Who is Spencer Herron
Spencer Herron, teacher at Kell High School in Cobb County

Spencer Herron, Who is He?

Spencer Herron of Acworth, Georgia, was previously a well-liked member of the community, especially as a former local company owner and Air National Guard veteran. After that, the alleged Berry College graduate found a video production teaching job at Kell High School in Cobb County, where he was twice named “Teacher of the Year.”

By all accounts, he was a terrific mentor until the truth about his behaviour was revealed in June 2018 – he was accused of sexually assaulting at least three of his students from 2016 forward. Spencer began emailing a female student during summer vacation in 2016, asking her to meet him under the guise of doing some work for a non-existent school club, according to court filings.

He managed to assault her numerous times during the school year, both on and off-campus, with documents suggesting that he also kept up the pretence of taking her on “unsanctioned ‘field trips’.” The assaults stopped in 2017 most likely around the time she graduated, and she summoned the fortitude to report him within months, all while immersed in her college experience.

However, during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years, Spencer allegedly took advantage of two more female classmates on multiple occasions. While one said he had sex with her (raped her) after she expressly told him no, the other claimed he once told her to “be quiet” when she started weeping.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that these matters were resolved; the educator’s 15-year career was thus cut short in June 2018 owing to the former alone. He was taken into custody from his house and is being held on a $55,220 bond.

Where is Spencer Herron today
Spencer Herron was sentenced to 6 years in prison and approx 15 years of probation.

What Happened to Spencer Herron and Where Is He Now?

Spencer Wayne Herron was charged with six counts of sexual assault in connection with the various instances he subjected his victim to, and he pleaded guilty to each one in 2019. As a result of his plea, he received a total of 6 years in prison and nearly 15 years of probation, meaning the 53-year-old is still in prison.

He is currently detained at the medium-security Wilcox State Prison in Abbeville, Georgia, where he will serve his sentence until June 1, 2023. Spencer was given a one-year sentence on each offence, with one of them running concurrently.

Spencer’s victim’s goal was to “help make sure other girls are protected when they go to school,” and simply sharing her tale resulted in major change. She once remarked, “I hope this teaches other victims and their families that they, too, can stand up for themselves.” “I want girls to understand that it is inappropriate for a trusted adult to push them into doing things they don’t want to do.” Victims should not feel guilty or ashamed in any way.”

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