Stephanie Bruner Murder Case: Where is Dale Bruner Today?

Stephanie Bruner Murder

Stephanie Bruner Murder: Where is Dale Bruner now? – Stephanie Roller Bruner, a mother of three who enjoyed teaching dance, was a quiet victim of marital violence until she was discovered strangled and frozen in a Silverthorne lake. Investigators immediately decided that this was a homicide. In the days leading up to her 2010 death, Roller Bruner and her husband, Dale Bruner, were attempting to call it off. At the end, Dale Bruner was convicted guilty of all six charges, including one crime of second-degree murder, two counts of assault, and three counts of evidence tampering.

Stephanie Roller Bruner, a young mother of three, vanished one night in November 2010 without a trace. The investigators suspected her husband right first, but obtaining proof was difficult.

Married With Secrets: Dancing With Death‘ on Investigation Discovery dives into Stephanie’s terrible murder and the circumstances surrounding it. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Stephanie Bruner murder case, we’ve got you covered.

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How Did Stephanie Roller Bruner Die
Stephanie Bruner with her husband Dale Bruner.

What Caused Stephanie Roller Bruner’s Death?

Stephanie was born in Colorado in May 1969 and later lived in Minnesota and California. She met Dale Bruner at an Oregon ski resort. They began dating soon after and married in Fiji. The couple had three children after settling in Silverthorne, Colorado, and it appeared like the perfect life. Dale was a photographer, while Stephanie studied home development plans for the county.

Dale reported his 41-year-old wife missing at 8:45 a.m. on November 23, 2010, claiming that he last saw her between 10 and 10:30 p.m. the night before when she left home following an altercation. Stephanie’s body was discovered in the Blue River in Silverthorne, only yards from her home, after a desperate search that lasted four days.

Stephanie had been strangled, and her skull had been broken. She died from a mixture of blunt-force injuries, strangulation, hypothermia, and drowning, according to investigators.

Dale Bruner
Dale Bruner was arrested in Stephanie Bruner murder.

Who Killed Stephanie Roller Bruner and Why?

Dale was promptly questioned by the authorities, who demanded to know why he had delayed so long to declare Stephanie missing. She departed without her pocketbook or car keys, according to him, and just wore a light jacket. Furthermore, Dale claimed that the police asked him to stay at home during the search for his wife.

The detectives discovered that the seemingly flawless marriage had been collapsing as they delved further. In November of 2010, Stephanie filed for divorce. Ron Holthaus, a physical therapist with whom she taught dancing at a local benefit, was having an intense emotional affair with her. Stephanie wanted out of her marriage six months after meeting Ron.

However, the authorities discovered that Ron, who was married, had no intention of abandoning his wife. He informed Stephanie the day before she vanished that he would stay with his wife. As a result, the investigators questioned Ron and his partner but eventually ruled them out, leaving them with Dale as their main suspect. The cops then learnt of his previous violent behaviour.

Stephanie remembered Dale being abusive against her during her first pregnancy, according to Jennifer Voxakis, a friend. “He’d become irritated in some way,” Jennifer explained. And he placed her on their bed and threatened her by putting his knee on her tummy and abdomen.”

Stephanie saw Dale striking their son about six weeks before the murder, causing her to request a restraining order. She mentioned during court that he threatened her years ago, threatening to murder her if she left. Dale, on the other hand, disputed everything, and Stephanie eventually revoked the order, allowing him back into the house.

After then, Dale’s ex-girlfriend came forward with some information. He once assaulted her and placed his arms around her neck, threatening to murder her when they were dating. This was after she accused him of having an affair.

Where is Dale Bruner Now
Dale Bruner was sentenced to 112 years in jail for Stephanie Bruner murder in September 2012

What Happened to Dale Bruner and Where Is He Now?

Dale was adamant about not being involved in Stephanie Bruner murder. He even turned down a plea agreement that would have resulted in a shorter prison sentence, preferring to go to trial in July 2012. While the defence claimed there was no physical evidence linking Dale to the crime, the jury sided with the prosecution due to the circumstantial evidence.

He was found guilty of second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and three counts of evidence tampering. Dale, aged 50, was sentenced to 112 years in jail for Stephanie Bruner murder in September 2012. He is currently detained at Sterling Correctional Facility in Logan County, Colorado, according to records. In 2045, Dale will be eligible for parole.

His lawyer revealed in May 2020 that his client admitted to killing Stephanie early in the investigation. Dale admitted to strangling her, driving her near to the river, dumping her in, and beating her with a stone when she regained consciousness according to him.

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