Where Is ‘The Larkins’ (2021 TV Show) Shooting Locations?

The Larkins A True Story

‘The Larkins,’ a British comedy series created by Simon Nye and Abigail Wilson, is based on H.E. Bates’ famous novella “The Darling Buds of May.”

The comedy follows the titular family’s misadventures and day-to-day activities as they prepare for the Christmas season.

However, with the arrival of certain visitors and a slew of unsolved burglaries in the area, the festival plans take an unexpected turn, and chaos follows.

The funny family storey unfolds in quaint and lovely countryside settings that perfectly portray the 1950s lifestyle.

If you’re curious about where ‘The Larkins’ was shot because of the unique outfits or the multitude of picturesque locations shown in the programme, then look no further.

Everything you need to know about it is right here.

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Filming Locations for ‘The Larkins’

‘The Larkins’ is shot in various places in the United Kingdom. The country in northwestern Europe has long been at the forefront of regional film and television production.

The country has produced world-famous directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and David Lean, and it continues to have a huge influence on filmmaking to this day.

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Kent, United Kingdom

The comedy-drama series’ major photography takes place in Kent. Buss Farm, the home of the Larkins in the original programme, is located on Pluckley Road in Ashford.

However, in order to provide viewers with a distinct backdrop, this time, the family residence scenes are entirely shot in an undisclosed site in Underriver.

The pastures around the Larkins family farm are shot at Long Barn in Sundridge and Squerryes Court in Westerham.

The show’s swimming sequences are shot at Viking Bay in Broadstairs. Several outdoor locations in East Peckham were also used as shooting locations.

The first season’s production took place in the Swan Pub, the church (village festival and Sunday service), and the church shop, among other venues in the hamlet.

The shooting took place in the local shop and Church Row Cottages in West Peckham. The village’s St Dunstan’ Church, located at 4 Church Road, was also used as a filming site.

To support the production of ‘The Larkins’ season 1, the shops in the market town of Faversham were also turned into a 1950s village.

The Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate was used to film the episode in which ma and pa Larkin are collecting their baggage out of a car.

Intriguingly, Eynsford is also one of the many filming locations for the comedy series. The moments in which Mariette gets into a fight with her family while strawberry picking is totally shot at Stonepitts Farm.

Victoria Gardens, Castle Hotel, and Five Bells bar are among the other filming locations in Kent.

Other Shooting Locations for ‘The Larkins’ in the United Kingdom

Sussex is also one of the show’s many filming sites. Horsted Keynes Railway Station (Haywards Heath RH17 7BB) is located northeast of Kent and featured in one of the episodes.

Flanchford Farm, in the market town of Reigate, Surrey, was also used for the first season’s filming.

According to reports, several sequences were also shot near a primary school in Betchworth.

Interestingly, London is also one of the show’s filming sites; however, it is unknown where exactly the filming took place in the city.