‘The Dropout’: Where is Theranos’ Board Member ‘Channing Robertson’ Now?

Where is Theranos’ Channing Robertson Now

The Dropout‘ follows Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) as she drops out of Stanford and launches Theranos, a biotech startup. Holmes makes the decision to pursue her idea for a microfluid blood-testing device and disrupt the market.

Holmes has the help of her lecturer, Channing Robertson, in her search. Robertson proves to be a reliable source of information for Holmes, and his presence is critical to Theranos’ early success.

As a result, viewers must be interested in learning more about Channing Robertson and what happened to him after Theranos’ demise. Everything we know about Channing Robertson is right here!

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Who Is Channing Robertson

Channing Robertson: Who Is He?

Channing Rex Robertson is a well-known American professor who served on the board of directors of Theranos, a now-defunct biotech business created by Robertson’s student, Elizabeth Holmes.

Actor Bill Irwin plays Channing Robertson in the series “The Dropout.” Irwin has been in a number of films and television shows, including ‘Hot Shots!,’ ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ and ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.’ Irwin is most known for his role as Cary Loudermilk in the FX series “Legion.”

At Stanford University, Robertson was a Professor of Chemical Engineering. In 1970, he began working as a lecturer at Stanford after earning his Ph.D. under Andreas Acrivos.

In Stanford’s School of Engineering, Robertson was the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty & Academic Affairs. During her first year of college in 2002, he met Elizabeth Holmes.

He pushed Holmes to pursue her idea and worked with Theranos as a consultant before joining the board of directors in 2012. Ian Gibbons was also persuaded to join Theranos.

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Where is Channing Robertson Now

What Happened to Channing Robertson?

Robertson joined the Theranos board of directors in 2012. He stepped down as a professor at Stanford and became an emeritus professor. Robertson was named to Theranos’ technological advisory board as a co-leader in 2017.

Theranos was soon the subject of significant media investigation, with questions raised about the company’s work culture and claims. Robertson, on the other hand, remained enthusiastic about the company’s role in the development of new technology.

Despite this, Theranos was dissolved in 2018, and Holmes was named in a lawsuit accusing her of fraud. Her trial ended in January 2022, and she is now awaiting her sentence.

In the case of Robertson, he testified during Holmes’ trial in 2021. After Theranos was dissolved, however, little is known about his life. Robertson was paid a reported $5000,000 each year for his job as a consultant, according to John Carreyrou’s non-fiction book ‘Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup,’ which exposes Theranos’ fraudulent activities.

Robertson was hired solely to add credibility to Theranos, according to Reed Kathrein, who represented the investors who sued Holmes.

These allegations elicited no response from Robertson. Robertson’s personal life is shrouded in mystery, and he wants to stay out of the spotlight.

Robertson is currently an emeritus professor at Stanford University, where he recently offered a course on Busting Energy Myths.