Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now After His Daughters Amina and Sarah Said’s Murders?

Amina and Sarah Said Murders

Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now After His Daughters’ Murders? – Amina and Sarah Said were discovered shot to death inside a taxi in 2008, shocking the locals of Irving, Texas. Despite the police’s first suspicions of outside meddling, the evidence quickly made clear a terrible reality that was far closer to home. The documentary “Sins of the Father: Driven to Murder” on Investigation Discovery details the terrible incident and demonstrates how the subsequent investigation revealed a sinister and unsettling murderous scheme. We have the information you need if you are interested in this case and want to know where the accused is right now.

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How Did Amina and Sarah Said Die

How Did Sarah Said and Amina Die?

Sarah, 17, and Amina, 18, resided with their parents, Patricia and Yaser Said in Irving. Even though it was claimed in the show that their father was not very tolerant of the kind of freedom offered by the US, their father had immigrated to this country from Egypt in the 1980s. The adolescent students at Lewisville High School excelled academically, participated in sports, and were honour roll members. People who knew the girls characterised them as vivacious, joyous people who were well-liked in both their town and school.

Even now, it’s difficult to comprehend Amina and Sarah’s early deaths because they had such high hopes for the future. A bystander saw an abandoned taxi on January 1, 2008, parked at the front of what was then the Omni Mandalay Hotel (now known as Omni Las Colinas Hotel). He was met with a horrible sight, though, as the car’s interior was stained with blood. He saw two unconscious girls upon closer investigation and quickly called the police.

When first responders arrived on the site, they discovered Sarah and Amina laying in the car, having suffered several gunshot wounds. The two young girls were fully covered in blood, and medical examiners quickly pronounced them dead. The girls’ blood coated the whole interior of the automobile, including the seats, steering wheel, and everything else. An autopsy later revealed that the girls’ deaths were caused by several gunshot wounds.

Who Killed Amina and Sarah Said
Amina and Sarah’s father, Yaser Abdel Said

Who Murdered Sarah Said and Amina Said?

The cops had no idea why somebody would wish to injure Amina and Sarah in such a terrible fashion, given that they were both teenagers and high school students. The shocking brutality of the crime shocked even their friends and the neighbourhood. The police initially conducted many interviews in an effort to compile a list of potential suspects. To discover a lead, they even canvassed the neighbourhood and thoroughly searched the car.

According to the drama, the investigators made their first big discovery when reports from family members claimed that Amina and Sarah’s father, Yaser Abdel Said, had physically and psychologically mistreated them. Their father supposedly took matters into his own hands and was rather controlling since he did not like how westernised his daughters were becoming. Both teenagers stated that their father had molested them in 1998. Although their mother backed the allegations, the case was ultimately dismissed.

Nevertheless, Yaser continued to face charges. According to accounts, Amina’s lover was discovered when Sarah overheard her father allegedly threaten to kill Amina. Authorities discovered throughout their inquiry that Amina and Sarah had both recently been dating American boys, which reportedly upset Yaser. In Yaser’s taxi, the girls’ bodies were also discovered. However, when the investigators tried to contact Amina and Sarah’s father because he was unable to be located, they discovered that he had left the city.

Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now

Where Is Yaser Abdel Said Now?

The authorities launched a worldwide search for Yaser Said because they believed he was responsible for the killings of his daughters Amina and Sarah Said. In fact, in 2014, he was added to the FBI’s list of the ten most wanted fugitives.

Police finally located the father of two in August 2020 after years of seeking and charged him with capital murder. Yaser is still in the Texas police’s custody while the matter is still ongoing in court.

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