Who Are Gerald Patrick Lewis’ Victims Now? How Did Gerald Patrick Die?

Who Were Gerald Patrick Lewis’ Victims
Gerald Patrick Lewis

Who are Gerald Patrick Lewis’ Victims Now? How Did Gerald Patrick Die? – The authorities had no notion they were dealing with a serial killer when Kathleen Bracken, 32, was found dead in the Twilite Motel in Mobile, Alabama, in 1998. Witnesses swiftly pointed authorities to Gerald Patrick Lewis, and the investigation that followed revealed a disturbing pattern of grisly murders dating back to 1986.

Evil Lives Here: My Brother’s Secrets,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, chronicles Gerald’s atrocities and demonstrates how a thorough police investigation finally brought him to prison. Let’s take a closer look at his victims to see if Gerald Patrick Lewis is still alive or not.

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Gerald Patrick Lewis

Gerald Patrick Lewis’ Victims: Who Were They?

Gerald Patrick Lewis was born in 1965 and had a difficult childhood as his family moved back and forth between Atlanta and the Boston suburb of Brockton. Furthermore, the show stated that Gerald’s parents divorced when he was 11 years old, and the child immediately began dabbling in little crimes.

Gerald was eventually able to obtain work, but he was unable to keep it for long. Furthermore, he kept relapsing back into burglary, according to the show, and was amassing quite a criminal record. Murder, on the other hand, was not a crime he investigated until 1986.

Gerald was living a good life and dating a girl named Lena Santarpio before committing the 1986 murder, but after she became pregnant, she moved in with her parents. Moreover, Lena’s parents did not approve of their daughter’s lover and advised her to avoid him. Gerald was severely shaken by such a quick turn of events, which appeared to lead to his first murder.

Gerald stated in the show that he picked up his first victim in December 1986 from Brockton town square and raped her before killing her with a knife. He was also arrested and convicted in 1987 for the attempted murder of Stephanie, a five-year-old girl, after breaking into her apartment and nearly strangling her to death.

Peggy Lynn Grimes
Peggy Lynn Grimes

Peggy Lynn Grimes, Gerald’s next known victim, was a Georgia resident and eight months pregnant when she vanished in 1993. Despite the fact that Peggy’s mother reported her missing in September 1993, it took the police five years to find and identify the victim’s body.

Authorities, on the other hand, were still unaware of Gerald’s existence and were only able to track him down after Kathleen Bracken’s murder in April 1998. In April 1998, law enforcement got a frantic 911 call regarding a probable murder from the Twilite Motel in Mobile, Alabama.

Kathleen was found dead in her motel room with blood pooling all around her when first responders arrived. She was asphyxiated and stabbed to death, according to an autopsy, and a medical examination revealed sexual torture and rape.

Witnesses at the Twilite motel described a man in a red pickup truck who had seen Kathleen that day, and the police began following up on that lead to the best of their abilities.

Kathleen worked as a prostitute, according to the documentary, and as a result, law enforcement agents began digging into her contacts in the hopes of finding a more conclusive indication. That’s when they ran into a young lady named Lisa, who claimed that someone in a red pickup vehicle had requested her services the previous night. Authorities drew up a vivid drawing of the man based on Lisa’s statement and were immediately led to Gerald Patrick Lewis.

The police, on the other hand, were able to recover a DNA sample from a cigarette butt in Kathleen’s room, which was a perfect match for Gerald. Surprisingly, when confronted with the facts, Gerald confessed to Kathleen’s murder and even briefed authorities about other unrelated slayings. Apart from Peggy Grimes, he admitted to killing Misty McGugin in January 1998 and three other Georgia women.

How Did Gerald Patrick Lewis Die
Gerald suddenly passed away on July 25, 2009.

What Caused Gerald Patrick Lewis’ Death?

Gerald Patrick Lewis died in 2009, and he is no longer with us. Gerald pleaded guilty to many counts after being brought to trial, including malice murder, criminal murder, aggravated violence, kidnapping with bodily damage, and feticide. Despite receiving life without parole for the murder of Kathleen Bracken, the jury found sufficient evidence to support their claim of aggravating circumstances, and Gerald was sentenced to death for the murder of Misty McGugin in 2003.

Moreover, the accused confessed to the murders of two Georgia women, Peggy Grimes, and a prostitute whose identity has not been revealed while on trial. Despite this, the episode stated that Gerald was still serving his sentence on death row when he died unexpectedly on July 25, 2009.

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