Who Is Behind The Narration In “The Curse of Oak Island” TV Series

The Curse of Oak Island

The Curse of Oak Island, a History reality series, is set on the fabled Oak Island in Lunenburg County on Nova Scotia’s South Shore and follows a gang of treasure hunters on a journey to uncover the legendary wealth concealed on the island.

The hunt is led by brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, and the series follows their efforts to unearth the riches and their findings on the island.

The Lagina brothers’ and others’ ambitious searches and adventures are accompanied by an extraordinary narration by an omnipresent narrator.

We’ve got answers for you if you’re wondering who the narrator is!

Who Narrates The Curse of Oak Island

Who Narrates ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ TV Show

The Curse of Oak Island’s narrator is Robert Clotworthy. Clotworthy’s engaging voice narrates the stories of Oak Island’s past and present.

Feature films, television shows, and video games are among the 200 projects on which the actor and voice artist has worked.

Clotworthy has been a narrator in the entertainment industry since 1973, and he is more or less one of the go-to narrators. Clotworthy was the narrator of another History series, ‘Ancient Aliens,’ prior to ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

Since its inception in 2014, he has been a part of ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

The artist’s lyrical and articulate narrative is essential in keeping the audience engaged in the show’s thrilling adventures.

Clotworthy has managed to weave the mysteries and profundity of the Oak Island legends into his narration in over 130 episodes.

His presentation of the events that unfold during the Lagina brothers’ treasure hunt adds to the series’ entertainment value without a doubt.

Clotworthy is one of the busiest narrators of his generation due to his unique approach of impeccably merging the project’s tone into the narration.

Clotworthy has worked on a variety of popular projects over the years, regardless of form or media.

The artist’s work spans the voice of Jim Raynor in the ‘StarCraft‘ video game franchise to the opening narrator of Netflix’s Red Notice.’

In addition, he has worked on a number of critically acclaimed documentaries, including the Emmy-nominated documentaries ‘Empire of Dreams: The Making of the Star Wars Trilogy‘ and ‘Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed,’ as well as feature films and video games.

James Thornton narrates ‘The Curse of Oak Island‘ for audiences in the United Kingdom. Thornton is an English actor and voice artist who starred as John Barton in the British soap series ‘Emmerdale‘ from 2009 to 2012.

Take Me to the Edge‘ and ‘Benefits By the Sea: Jaywick‘ (2015-2016) are two of Thornton’s other big works as a narrator; the artist also appears in the latter.