Who is Jim in HBO Max Historical Series “Our Flag Means Death”?

Who Played as 'Jim'

Our Flag Means Death‘, an HBO Max historical comedy, features a slew of comedic talent. David Jenkins, the writer/producer, has worked with Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi, and another young actor who plays Jim.

Is ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Based On True Story?

Our Flag Means Death is based on a true storey about a wealthy aristocrat named Stede Bonnet.

After purchasing a ship and joining forces with the renowned Blackbeard, he exchanged his luxury lifestyle for a life as a pirate.

Over the course of 20 months, we witness as he was committing crimes and living the life of a pirate before being hanged in December 1718.

Our Flag Means Death’s first three episodes debuted on HBO Max on March 3, 2022. Stede Bonnet, an aristocrat who abandons his life of luxury to become a pirate, is the protagonist of the series.

Many people have complimented the series for tackling under-represented early-eighteenth-century themes and the truths of piracy.

Vico Ortiz as Jim

In ‘Our Flag Means Death’, Who Played as ‘Jim’?

Vico Ortiz will star in the pirate comedy musical Our Flag Means Death as Jim. Ortiz was born and reared in Puerto Rico as a Latino non-binary actress.

They studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and went on to pursue it as a career. Ortiz is an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ+ groups such as The Dru Project and the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center.

They have a tremendous career in the LGBTQ+ entertainment scene as a result of one of their feature parts on the smash Amazon series “Transparent.”

They’ve also appeared in shows including “The Fosters,” “Lucifer,” and “Criminal Minds.” In addition, they’ve also appeared in “American Horror Story: 1984,” “VIDA,” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” as guest stars.

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Cast Details

Jim is a mystery individual who is a member of the ship’s crew but keeps to himself. Jim is quickly shown to be a “woman in disguise,” a familiar historical trope in pirate tales.

When the viewer learns Jim’s true identity, they have a better understanding of the character.

Throughout Our Flag Means Death Episode 2, Ortiz’s character gets a lead narrative in which Lucius discovers Jim bathing without their fake beard on.

“I’m so skilled at keeping secrets, my mum thought I liked girls for years!” he says, promising not to tell anyone.

Both members of the Revenge team who are aware of Jim’s secret maintain it a secret and speak to him as Jim at all times. Whether or if they’re sporting a false beard.

Our Flag Means Death tells the narrative of Jim, who presents themselves as a man and is at ease with their identity.