Delbert Shafer Murder Case: Where Is David Shafer After His Father’s Murder?

Delbert Shafer Murder Case

When 911 operators in Leetonia, Ohio, received a report concerning Delbert Shafer’s death, they immediately sent first responders to the area.

The case took a stunning turn when the county coroner’s office suspected foul play was involved, despite the fact that it was initially thought to be a natural death.

Evil Lives Here: I Will Always Be Scared of Him,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows the terrible murder and demonstrates how the investigation led far closer to the victim than imagined.

Let’s take a closer look at the incident and try to figure out where Delbert’s killer is right now.

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How Did Delbert Shafer Die

What Caused ‘Delbert Shafer’s Death?

Delbert Shafer and his then-wife Deborah Williamson lived in Leetonia, Ohio. While on duty at the court clerk’s office, he met Deborah while working as a law enforcement officer.

Despite the fact that Delbert had two sons and one daughter from his former marriage, Deborah was fast to warm up to her stepchildren, and Delbert was looking forward to happy family life.

Delbert was a well-liked and personable man who was always willing to lend a helping hand when required. He was well-liked in his neighbourhood and is still missed.

One of Delbert’s sons, David Shafer, asked for aid on January 14, 2018, after seeing his father was unresponsive. Delbert was found unresponsive and eventually discovered to be dead at their Leetonia home, according to David.

The death was first overlooked by the police, but when the body was taken to the county coroner’s office for further examination, the case was flipped upside down.

The coroner’s office alerted police enforcement on January 17, just three days after the murder, and stated that Delbert’s death was suspicious.

However, a comprehensive examination revealed that the man died as a consequence of blunt strikes to his head, trunk, and extremities.

As a result, the police launched their search for the killer after it was determined to be a homicide.

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Who Killed Delbert Shafer

Who Killed Delbert Shafer And Why?

David Shafer became a subject of interest in the inquiry after informing the police about his father’s death. Furthermore, his brother, as well as his then-stepmother, Deborah, testified about David’s aggressive tendencies and outbursts, according to the episode.

Deborah noted on the television that David has always found satisfaction in harming people since he was a child. No amount of reprimanding or scolding seemed to work, and David became increasingly vicious over time.

Furthermore, the police discovered throughout their investigation that David was on probation after being convicted of an unrelated burglary crime in 2010.

Officers discovered Delbert’s whole gun collection was missing from the house when they went to speak with the suspect.

Despite David’s claims to the contrary, the police secured a search warrant and determined that the majority of the firearms were in the suspect’s hands, hidden in a secret chamber.

Furthermore, the family was sceptical of David’s claim to be the sole executor of Delbert’s will.

Following a thorough investigation, police concluded that David had assaulted Delbert on January 14, 2018. However, instead of immediately seeking for aid, he chose to let his father die while erasing all proof of his involvement.

As a result, officials chose to charge David with tampering with evidence, possessing weapons while disabled, and murder, based on abundant evidence and many witness testimony.

Where Is David Shafer Now

What Has Happened to David Shafer?

After being brought to court, David Shafer pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter, tampering with evidence, and possessing guns while disabled, despite originally insisting on his innocence.

In 2021, he was sentenced to ten years in jail for manslaughter and two years for each of the other convictions.

As a result, David will stay confined at the Belmont Correctional Institution in Belmont County, Ohio, until 2033, when he will be eligible for release.