Where Is North Carolina Woman ‘Crystal Gambino’ Today?

Who Is Crystal Gambino

In February 2016, 911 workers in Gaston County, North Carolina, got a disturbing call from a caller who said his sister-in-law was involved in a triple homicide.

When authorities arrived at the residence in question, they discovered a horrific triple murder that would astound even the most seasoned cops.

Deadly Women: Lover Makes Three,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, chronicles the horrible killings of Giovanni James Gambino, Geoffrey Glenn Gilliland, & Stephanie Lynn Sanchez, and shows how the investigation eventually led to Giovanni’s wife, Crystal Gambino.

Let’s look into the specifics of this case and figure out where Crystal stands right now.

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Where Is Crystal Gambino Now

Crystal Gambino: Who Is She?

Crystal Gambino was a singer-songwriter who lived with her husband, Giovanni James Gambino, in Gaston County, North Carolina.

Their marriage appeared to be ideal from the outside, and acquaintances reported that the pair appeared to be content with each other. However, the episode revealed that their relationship was on the edge of falling apart in reality.

Crystal and Giovanni had hidden secrets from one other for a long time, and their physical intimacy had faded.

Despite the fact that they had a kid together, Crystal reportedly obtained a court injunction and filed for divorce in 2009. Crystal even tried to gain custody of their daughter, but the case was eventually dropped.

Furthermore, Crystal filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and 2012, while Giovanni was accused with intimidating his wife in 2012, but the charge was eventually withdrawn.

On February 29, 2016, Gaston County 911 operators received an unusual call from someone claiming to be Crystal’s brother-in-law.

Crystal had committed three cold-blooded murders at her Gaston County home, according to the caller, before confessing to another cousin.

The authorities also discovered from the person that two of the fatalities were men, while the third victim, a woman, was deposited on a fire pile in a wheelbarrow.

crystal gambino suspect

Officers arrived on the site and discovered Giovanni, Crystal’s husband, as well as Geoffrey Glenn Gilliland and Stephanie Lynn Sanchez, dead in the bedroom. All of the victims were entirely naked, and an autopsy revealed that they had all been shot.

The police learned Giovanni had connected with Geoffrey and Stephanie online and had reportedly invited them for sexual intercourse while trying to uncover out their relationship to the Gambinos.

Crystal, according to officials, did not take part in the sexual encounter but came found the trio in bed. Officials also suspect that when Crystal saw her husband with two other people, she exploded in wrath and murdered the trio in cold blood.

Crystal attempted to conceal her crime by cleaning up the gunshot casings and washing the bloodied bedsheets in the washing machine, according to the episode.

She then drove over to her daughter’s school to pick her up and dump her off with a relative before exiting the town. As a result, with Crystal as the lead suspect, the police captured her on the same day in a neighbouring town and charged her with murder.

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Where Is Crystal Gambino Today

What Has Happened to Crystal Gambino?

Crystal Gambino entered a plea to one count of manslaughter and two charges of second-degree murder after being brought before the court.

In 2017, she was sentenced to 23 to 29 years in jail for the murder counts, as well as another 6 to 8 years for manslaughter.

Crytal remains confined at the Anson Correctional Institution in Polkton, North Carolina, because she is not yet eligible for release.

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