William Davis Murder Case: Where Is Chad Evans Today?

William Davis Murder

William Davis Murder – A gathering of friends turns tragic when two gunmen shoot William Davis in the head. With no strong leads from witnesses, Lieutenant Joe Kenda investigates into Davis’ background and suspects someone in William’s circle is lying.

Homicide Hunter
Season 7, Episode 4
Lt. Joe Kenda: Knock Knock

Residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado, witnessed a horrible murder when masked assailants shot William Davis and Chad Evans in the head while they were at a party. Although Chad escaped death’s clutches, William died as a result of his injuries, turning the investigation into a homicide.

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Knock Knock‘ on Investigation Discovery chronicles the brutal murder and demonstrates how the police were able to apprehend the offender. Let’s take a closer look at the crime and try to find out where the perpetrator is right now.

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What Caused William Davis’ Death?

At the time of his murder, William Davis was 29 years old and lived in Colorado Springs with his girlfriend, Nora Evans, and her son, Chad Evans. William was well-liked in his neighbourhood, and acquaintances said he was always willing to provide a helping hand to those in need. Furthermore, those who knew William spoke of his generosity and how the 29-year-old envisioned a bright future with his girlfriend and family. His life was savagely stolen away in a rage-fueled crime, but fate had other intentions.

William was at a party in the house he lived with Nora and Chad on July 8, 1994, when masked shooters knocked on the door and smashed in. Following that, the assailants tied everyone up before shooting Evans in the chest. William, on the other hand, was shot in the head from behind and was in a critical condition. On the same night, one of Nora’s pals came to pay her a visit and was greeted with a horrifying scene.

She didn’t waste any time in calling the cops, and William and Chad were taken to a nearby hospital after first responders arrived on the scene. Although Chad recovered progressively, William died as a result of his wounds, and an examination revealed that he died as a result of gunshot wounds. Furthermore, a thorough examination of the premises revealed that the masked men were anxiously looking for something, implying that the hit was pre-planned.

How Did William Davis Die

Who Killed William Davis and Why?

The original investigation into William’s death took a long time since the police had few leads to pursue. Nora Evans appeared heartbroken over her boyfriend’s murder and refused to speak to the authorities. She stated she had no knowledge of the assailants and indicated a desire to be left alone. When Chad recovered from his injuries, law enforcement investigators visited him, but the 19-year-old was unable to identify the assailants.

The horror of the incident, according to Chad, obliterated the facts from his memory, and officials were forced to start over. Further research indicated that William was involved in the drug business and had many targets on his back, according to the episode.

Furthermore, the show noted how the cops discovered Chad’s membership with a street gang and wondered if the murder was connected to that aspect of his life. The majority of the witnesses on the list, however, had valid alibis and were dismissed from the investigation.

Dee Sutton, described as one of William’s friends, was eventually tracked down and apprehended by the cops. According to the episode, William had slept with Dee’s girlfriend, causing a rift between the two men. Despite this, Dee maintained his innocence and denied any involvement in the crime. Almost at a loss for what to do, the cops decided to try one more ruse and make contact with William’s right-hand man, Paul Murphy. When authorities apprehended Paul, they took him to the station and interrogated him about William’s death.

After being questioned for hours, Paul finally admitted that Dee Sutton and Alonzo Hankins were the masked gunmen who broke into the house that fateful night. According to the show, Paul went on to say that everyone, including Dee, Chad, and Nora, was dissatisfied with Williams’ treatment of them and had chosen to rob him as a form of retaliation.

However, the scene spiralled out of control, resulting in Dee shooting William and Alonzo shooting Chad. Finally, the police accused Paul Murphy, Nora Evans, Chad Evans, Dee Sutton, and Alonzo Hankins with murder after gathering enough evidence to make an arrest.

What Has Happened to Chad Evans and Where is He Now?

The first accused to go to trial was Paul Murphy, who later recanted his confession. Paul, Nora, Chad, Dee, and Alonzo were exonerated of all charges due to a lack of evidence, according to the show. Chad Evans has embraced seclusion since his acquittal and prefers to remain anonymous. He doesn’t have much of a social media presence, and his picture wasn’t even shown in the programme.

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