Dianna Franklin Murder Case: Where is Albert Dorsey Today?

Dianna Franklin Murder

Dianna Franklin Murder, How Did Dianna Franklin Die? Let’s find out. – Dianna Franklin went to a casino late one night in December 2007 from her home in Tennessee and never returned. Her automobile was discovered the next day, and her horribly beaten body was discovered the next day. Police had no idea if she’d made it to the casino or who killed her at first. Two days later, her half-naked body was discovered near railroad tracks in south-west Memphis. Dorsey had been telling friends and neighbours specifics about Franklin’s injuries long before the information was made public, according to police. Dorsey was found guilty of first-degree murder by a jury and was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of release.

When Dianna Franklin went missing from her Memphis, Tennessee, home on December 1, 2007, her friends and family didn’t spare any time in alerting the authorities. In the days that followed, the investigation took a grim turn when the authorities discovered Dianna’s abandoned car, as well as her damaged body.

The Body on the Tracks,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows the murder and demonstrates how police were able to close in on the offender. Let’s take a closer look at the case and figure out where Dianna’s killer is right now.

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How Did Dianna Franklin Die
Dianna Franklin with her kids.

What Caused Dianna Franklin’s Death?

Dianna lived with her daughter, Pamela Franklin, and her live-in partner, David Brown, in Memphis, Tennessee. Dianna was well-liked in her town for being a nice and helpful person who greeted everyone with a smile. She was also a devoted mother, and Dianna’s relationship with David was not a joyful one, according to her neighbours. With no obvious opponents and a seemingly idyllic existence, Dianna’s murder came as a complete surprise to most.

Dianna had discussed heading to a neighbouring casino before driving out in her automobile on December 1, 2007, according to both Pamela and David. Although her friends and family did not think much of it at the time, they were concerned when Dianna did not return on time.

David even claimed that he tried unsuccessfully to call and text Dianna on her cell phone. Pamela and David were worried and nervous, so they went to the police right away, who treated it like any other missing person investigation.

Nonetheless, investigators discovered Dianna’s automobile the next day, which had been abandoned on a residential street. A pocketbook and a kitchen knife were discovered inside, the latter of which was bent. Regardless, both items were stained with blood, prompting authorities to dread the worst. Police redoubled their attempts to recover the missing woman, and on December 3, 2007, Dianna’s body was discovered by some railroad tracks on West Shelby Drive.

The woman appeared to have been violently beaten at first glance, but a thorough medical examination revealed two stab wounds in her chest and several other bruises on her face. Furthermore, Dianne had thirty-seven wounds from sharp objects all over her body, and an autopsy determined that she died from sharp force injuries or strangulation.

Where Is Albert Dorsey Now
Dianna’s sister’s boyfriend Albert Dorsey

Who Killed Dianna Franklin and Why?

The police investigation into Dianna’s murder was slow at first because they had few leads. Despite conducting multiple interviews and compiling a suspect list, the majority of those on the list had flawless alibis and were ruled out of the investigation. On the other hand, the episode said that Dianna’s live-in lover, David Brown, was investigated for a long time before being ruled out as a suspect.

The police made their first important breakthrough when they discovered that Albert Dorsey, Dianna’s sister’s boyfriend, was discussing the victim’s injuries even though the specifics were not made public.

According to the documentary, Dorsey’s friends said that based on the suspect’s description of the injuries, it appeared that he was present at the crime site. One guy even claimed that Dorsey called him on December 1, 2007, and told him he had been stabbed. Dorsey first claimed that he had not met Dianna on the day of the murder when the police brought him in for questioning.

Surprisingly, Dorsey had a change of heart shortly after and stated that he had met Dianna on December 1, 2007. He even claimed that they were both on their way to the casino when Dianna’s boyfriend allegedly attacked them on the road, according to the show. Detectives, on the other hand, found it difficult to trust this story because the DNA sample taken from the crime site was a dead ringer for Dorsey.

However, there were a number of witness accounts that supplemented the case against him. As a result, the police lost little time in arresting and prosecuting Dorsey with murder, despite the lack of substantial proof.

Where Is Albert Dorsey Now

What Has Happened to Albert Dorsey and Where Is He Now?

Albert Dorsey was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2009 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release. Dorsey attempted to have his conviction reversed in 2010, but the judge denied his request. Albert, on the other hand, has now died in prison, according to his documents. Surprisingly, his autopsy report stated that he had been murdered.

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