Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau Murder Case: Where Is John Koberstein Now?

How did Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau Die
Anne Boncella with her family. Image Credit: Investigation Discovery

Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau Murders – Anne Bonacella and her 8-year-old daughter were murdered at their house in May 1987, sending a wave of fear and sorrow across the neighbourhood. Later, a prisoner in Oneida County would come forward to blame Rome resident John Koberstein. On the day of the girl’s Communion in May 1987, Koberstein confessed to killing 11 people, including 33-year-old Anne Boncella and her small daughter, Crystal Nadeau. Boncella and Nadeau were killed by Koberstein after they turned down his sexual advances. Koberstein described how he had thrown his arms around Boncella and stabbed her with a screwdriver when she threatened to notify his girlfriend. Because the 8-year-old girl recognised him, he killed her. In 1989, he was sentenced to two life sentences.

On May 9, 1987, the people of Rome, New York, were shocked when Anne Boncella and her eight-year-old daughter, Crystal Nadeau, were found slain in their house. Surprisingly, the city was hit with another murder just a few months later, prompting police to worry if a serial killer was on the loose.

The Lake Erie Murders: Unholy Communion,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the heinous crime and demonstrates how the authorities were finally able to apprehend the offender. If you’re curious about this case and want to know if the murderer is still alive, we’ve got you covered.

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Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau Murders
Anne Boncella with her daughter Crystal Nadeau. Image Credit: Investigation Discovery

Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau: How Did They Die?

Anne Boncella lived in Rome, Oneida County, New York, with her eight-year-old daughter Crystal Nadeau. Anne was characterised by her neighbours as a loving mother who put her daughter first in everything she did. She was also quite sociable in her relationships with others and was always willing to lend a hand.

Anne and Crystal had returned from a local church where the eight-year-old had received her first communion hours before the grisly murder, according to accounts. On May 9, 1987, when the police arrived at Anne’s house, they discovered the mother of one slumped on the floor. Crystal, too, was in a different room, and the nature of the crime appeared to be personal.

Closer examination revealed evidence of struggle, indicating that both victims had struggled for their lives prior to the heinous deed. Furthermore, Anne and her daughter were both stabbed to death with a screwdriver, according to an autopsy. There was no evidence of a forced entry, implying that the victim knew the assailant.

Who Killed Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau
Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau Killer ‘John Koberstein’

Who Killed Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau and Why?

The police launched a thorough investigation, leaving no stone unturned, in order to bring the criminal to justice. They even sat through hundreds of interviews to compile a lengthy list of suspects. Anne, on the other hand, had no adversaries, and most of the people on the suspect list were cleared following additional investigation.

Anne was engaged to Mike Head at the time of her murder, but the police found nothing suspicious about their relationship. On the other side, cops looked into Anne’s relationship with her ex-husband (Crystal’s father), but it turned out to be a complete dead end, and they were back at square one.

At August of 1987, just a few months after Anne’s murder, 40-year-old Patricia Woodruff was found dead in her house in Rome. Despite the fact that it was unrelated to Anne and her daughter’s murder, the victim was left completely naked and abused. Furthermore, the attacker appeared to have bitten her in the face before cutting her throat.

Police initially wondered if they were dealing with a serial killer, but they were soon able to apprehend and arrest local citizen John Koberstein with Patricia’s murder. While awaiting trial for Patricia’s murder, John allegedly discussed killing many more women, including Anne and her kid, with a fellow inmate, according to the episode.

The inmate, eventually identified as Robert Stolo, addressed the authorities right away and informed them of the confession. The authorities were able to charge John with the deaths of Anne Boncella and Crystal Nadeau because they had a proper witness statement.

Where Is John Koberstein Now
John Koberstein was sentenced to two life sentences in 1989.

What Has Happened to John Koberstein and Where Is He Now?

When he was arrested, John Koberstein maintained his innocence and pled not guilty. Robert Stolo’s testimony, on the other hand, assisted in John’s conviction on two counts of second-degree murder, for which he was sentenced to two life sentences in 1989.

John was also convicted of Patricia Woodruff’s murder, earning him a third life term, according to the documentary. As a result, John remains imprisoned at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, until 2064, when he will be eligible for release.

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