Gul Telwar Murder Case: Where Are ‘Ronnie Oller’ and ‘Terry Lee Blanford’ Today?

Gul Telwar Murder

Gul Telwar Murder – Gul Telwar, 55, an Afghan native who taught economics at Tennessee State University and also worked as a used car dealer, was savagely shot to death on March 17, 1990. Ronnie Oller was convicted of premeditated murder, burglary, and robbery in the shooting death of Telwar, his former boss, in 1991 by a criminal court. On the morning of March 17, the then 27-year-old said he took his brother-in-law, Terry Lee Blanford, to Telwar’s vehicle lot so Blanford could steal a truck. Both Oller and Blanford were given life sentences.

In March of 1990, students and teachers at Tennessee State University saw a horrific incident when economics professor Gul Telwar was brutally killed. Telwar was the owner of a used car lot in Nashville, where he was assassinated. ‘Deadly Recall: Side Business,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, takes viewers through the slaying and shows how the killers were finally apprehended.

Let’s take a closer look at the case and see where Gul Telwar’s assailants are right now.

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How Did Gul Telwar Die

What Caused Gul Telwar’s Death?

Gul Telwar, a 55-year-old father of six who lived in Nashville, Tennessee, was originally from Afghanistan. He was an economics professor at Tennessee State University and also owned and operated a used car yard in Nashville.

Telwar was recognised as extremely industrious and honest by the majority of his acquaintances. They said that he did everything he could to provide for his family and that he was well-liked in the neighbourhood.

On March 17, 1990, police were called to a probable homicide and found Telwar inside his used car store. First responders pronounced the economics professor dead, and an examination later revealed that Telwar died of a bullet wound to the skull.

Telwar had clearly been the victim of a robbery, as there were evidence of a break-in on closer scrutiny. Aside from the money missing from the victim’s wallet, the burglars had also grabbed the keys to three separate cars, according to the police.

Who Killed Gul Telwar
Ronnie Oller (left) and Terry Lee Blanford. Image Credit -ID

Who Killed Gul Telwar and Why?

Unfortunately, the initial inquiry took a long time because the robbers left little evidence behind. Although the secondhand automobile business was lucrative, detectives were aware that it had a shady side. As a result, they combed through Telwar’s personal and professional contacts in the hopes of finding someone of interest.

Telwar, on the other hand, was extremely conscientious about his work and was adamant about not cutting corners. Telwar was said to prefer dealing with everyone in a nice manner, and as a result, he rarely formed enemies.

Law enforcement investigators, on the other hand, probed deeper and discovered that Telwar’s charity may have resulted in his death. They discovered that Telwar was assisting a man named Ronnie Oller with his finances in the days preceding up to his death. Telwar took Oller under his wing and even offered him a job as a car lot manager because he was in desperate need of money because his wife was expecting.

However, according to the episode, the two soon got into an argument when Telwar accused Oller of taking $3,750. Despite Oller’s swift denial of the accusation and insistence on his innocence, the two’s hatred grew with each passing day. Furthermore, the authorities discovered that the victim had filed a police report about the money issue shortly before Telwar’s death.

As a result, the police took Oller in for questioning, believing him to be a prime suspect. Surprisingly, Oller admitted to the crime after being pressed. Nonetheless, he claimed that his brother-in-law, Terry Lee Blanford, stole the cars and fired the shots. Terry’s account, however, was utterly inconsistent, since he charged Oller of robbery and murder.

Terry even went on to say that Oller was the mastermind behind the whole event and that he was accountable for it. Despite the fact that both suspects continued to point fingers at each other, detectives determined that they were both equally liable for the murder and charged them accordingly in Gul Telwar Murder.

Ronnie Oller
Ronnie Oller

Ronnie Oller and Terry Lee Blanford: Where Are They Now?

Ronnie Oller was found guilty of many offences after his trial, including particularly aggravated burglary, particularly aggravated robbery, and first-degree murder in Gul Telwar Murder case. As a result, he was sentenced to life in jail in 1991, plus another 30 years for the other counts. Terry Lee Blanford, on the other hand, appeared in court in 1992 and pled guilty to first-degree murder. He was condemned to life in jail without the chance of release as a result.

Terry Lee Blanford
Terry Lee Blanford

Ronnie and Terry are currently on parole in Gul Telwar Murder case, according to their jail records. The guys appear to prefer a private life, although their records show that they are assigned to the Gallatin Probation and Parole Office in Gallatin, Tennessee, implying that they continue to live in the state.

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