Who Plays the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight Episode 4?

Who Plays the Hippo Goddess in Episode 4

Who Plays the Hippo Goddess in Disney+ Moon Knight Episode 4? – Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe series ever premiered, the Moon Knight cast and crew were exciting for episode 4. Fans are both confused and delighted by the episode’s concluding scenes now that the fourth hour has aired. And we now know what happened to Marc and Steven in Moon Knight, as well as who the hippo goddess was at the conclusion of the transforming episode.

Episode 4 of ‘Moon Knight’ introduces a New Hippo Goddess

In Moon Knight, Steven is found unconscious in the middle of the desert in Episode 4, which takes up right where episode 3 left off. Khonshu was imprisoned by the Egyptian gods, leaving Marc and Steven powerless.

They are able to flee thanks to Layla’s assistance. Steven refuses to hand up the body to Marc, so he and Layla set out to find Ammit before Arthur Harrow, and his posse arrive. Steven and Layla, however, kiss before they can do so.

When undead Egyptian priests attack inside the maze, they become split. When Layla meets Arthur, he tells her that Marc was one of the mercenaries that murdered her father. Meanwhile, Steven discovers Ammit’s grave inside the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, her last Avatar. Steven takes the goddess’s ushabti and puts it in his pocket.

Layla tracks down Steven and demands to speak with Marc, prompting Steven to hand over command to the mercenary. Marc affirms that he was present the night her father died, but that his accomplice was the one who murdered him.

He also came close to murdering Marc, but Khonshu saved him. They are discovered by Arthur and his followers, and Marc refuses to hand over Ammit’s ushabti. While Layla hides, Arthur shoots Marc twice in the chest.

Marc loses consciousness and wakes up in a psychiatric hospital in a different reality. Many artefacts and people from his life are present, including Layla and Arthur. Marc, on the other hand, realises something is awry and flees the guards.

He discovers Steven imprisoned in a sarcophagus. In Moon Knight Episode 4, they encounter another person locked inside a sarcophagus and dash toward the Egyptian hippo goddess Taweret.

Marc and Steven’s minds are likely to contain the new reality. And they’re stuck there, imprisoned between death and the real world.

Antonia Salib plays the hippo goddess in ‘Moon Knight’
Antonia Salib, a fresh face on TV and in the MCU, voices Taweret in Moon Knight. Per her IMDB Pro page, Taweret will be featured in Episodes 5 and 6 of the miniseries.

Who Plays the Hippo Goddess in ‘Moon Knight Episode 4’?

Moon Knight Episode 4 stars Antonia Salib as Taweret, the hippo goddess, according to TVLine. The Egyptian goddess Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and fertility.

For a long time, Salib has been linked to the Marvel Disney+ series, but little was known about her involvement. “It felt like I was given liberty to construct my persona and everyone was on board to work together,” she told Variety [via TVLine] during the Moon Knight red carpet premiere.

It’s unknown what Taweret is up to in the psychiatric institution, but Moon Knight Episode 5 will most certainly reveal more about the hippo goddess.

‘Moon Knight Episode 4’ Explained

Moon Knight Episode 4 directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead discussed the ending and the hippo goddess in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The screenplay actually gives us a present at the end of episode 4,” Moorhead explained. “It arose from a desire to do the unexpected and completely confuse the audience while remaining loyal to the character we’ve developed through four episodes.” Also, there’s a Moon Knight run by Jeff Lemire, with [Greg] Smallwood doing the art, that has a lot of similarities to what happens at the end of episode 4 in terms of feelings and imagery.”

“So we’re really happy to be able to honour the original comics, the ones that we were pulled to the most while we were trying to crack Moon Knight,” he continued. That was the source of my inspiration, both visually and tonally.”

“It was incredibly interesting from a technical sense,” Benson remarked of the sequence with Taweret. Three actors are screaming in that sequence because of the way we shot it. But there was never a time when two persons were present.

Someone dressed up like a hippo and screamed at the top of their lungs. Then there was Oscar Isaac as Marc, who was screaming alone. Then there was Oscar Isaac as Steven, who was screaming alone. None of the people was at the same place at the same time. It’s like a shouting opera.”

Moon Knight airs on Disney+ every Wednesday.