Winning Time Episode 3 ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ Recap and Ending Explained

Winning Time Episode 3 Recap and ending explained

The 3rd episode of ‘Winning Time’ continues to chart the LA Lakers’ changeover period. Jerry Buss, the team’s new owner, begins to instil his own concept in the team’s culture while removing all roadblocks in his colleagues’ way. Buss has only one ambition: to make the Los Angeles Lakers one of the finest teams in the league.

Buss, on the other hand, faces a big challenge following the dismissal of head coach Jerry West. Here’s everything you need to know about the finish of ‘Winning Time’ episode 3 if you’re curious about how Buss navigates this complicated problem and proceeds to construct the Lakers’ dynasty!


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Winning Time Episode 3 Ending Explained

Recap of Winning Time Episode 3 ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’

‘The Best Is Yet to Come,’ the third episode, begins with Jerry West handing in his resignation to Buss. West’s public resignation has enraged Buss, who believes it will harm team spirit.

Furthermore, a new season’s training camp is set to begin in three weeks, making it difficult for the Lakers to locate a new coach on such short notice. However, after a tense debate in which West expresses his doubts about his effectiveness as a coach, Buss accepts West’s resignation.

Another former Lakers player, on the other hand, joins the scene, but unlike West, he is looking to return to the game. Pat Riley, a former Lakers point player, attempts to make contact with commentator Chick Hearn. Riley is dissatisfied with his post-retirement existence and aspires to be closer to the sport he enjoys.

As a result, he asks Hearn for a chance at the Forum’s open co-commentator position. Riley is asked to create a video as an application, despite Hearn’s concerns that Riley’s voice is unsuited for the job. Riley grows depressed about the situation of his life as he works on his commentating voice. Riley is consoled by his wife, Chris, while he continues to work on the recording.

Ahead of the upcoming season, youngster Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr lands in Los Angeles. However, he rapidly becomes disoriented with the city’s glitz and glam and feels lonely. Furthermore, following a conversation with Norm Nixon, Magic begins to doubt his place on the club. Meanwhile, Buss is narrowing down his options for the head coaching job.

Jerry Tarkanian, a collegiate basketball coach, is Buss’ favourite for the job. Buss travels to Las Vegas to persuade Tarkanian, who is doubtful. Despite the fact that a deal appears to be close, an unforeseen event alters Tarkanian’s career and the Lakers’ season in general.

Winning Time Episode 3 Ending

Jerry Tarkanian Accepts the LA Lakers’ Offer in ‘Winning Time Episode 3’?

Buss decides to appoint Jerry Tarkanian as the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers in this episode. However, he is having trouble persuading Tarkanian to accept the position. Despite legal issues and a lack of finances, Tarkanian enjoys his position as coach of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.

Nonetheless, Buss wants to persuade Tarkanian to accept the position. As a result, he travels to Las Vegas to meet with the college coach in person. Buss is so adamant on Tarkanian becoming the Lakers’ next coach that he won’t listen to West’s advice.

Buss had an uneasy conversation with Tarkanian in Las Vegas. The college coach reiterates his satisfaction with his position. Furthermore, he is satisfied with his passion of the game and the support of the local community.

As a result, he has no intention of leaving Las Vegas anytime soon. Nonetheless, Buss extends an offer to Tarkanian in order to demonstrate his faith in his ability. Buss offers Tarkanian a colossal sum of money to coach the Lakers, making him the NBA’s highest-paid coach.

To sweeten the deal, Buss also offers Tarkanian two Rolls-Royce vehicles. Tarkanian accepts the offer after much thought. Tarkanian is on his way to Los Angeles with his wife in the last seconds of the episode.

However, Tarkanian discovers that his close buddy Victor Weiss has been slain before leaving Las Vegas. Tarkanian is shaken by Weiss’ death, and the episode’s conclusion almost guarantees that he will turn down Buss’ offer.

West’s chosen and relatively unknown coach Jack McKinney would go on to coach the Lakers for a brief spell in the 1979-80 season, as history would have it.

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