Young, Famous & African: Where is Zari Hassan Now? What’s Her Relationship Status?

Where is Zari Hassan Now

Zari Hassan has gone from being a successful entrepreneur, a social media celebrity, and a committed mother to a complete global sensation as the star of the aptly titled ‘Young, Famous, and African.’ After all, she proved time and time again in the Netflix original that she is a “boss lady” who works hard to “acquire whatever” her heart desires by letting her individuality come through.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about her background, as well as her current personal and professional status, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Who is Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan, Who is She?

Zari Hassan, who was born in 1980 in Jinja, southern Uganda, to mixed parents (her father is Indian and her mother is Burundi-Somalia mixed), began dreaming of celebrity when she was a small child.

That’s why she’s always been a savvy hustler, backed by her innate people skills acquired while growing up with her five sisters and two brothers. She spent two years learning cosmetology in the United Kingdom following graduation before moving to South Africa to study human resources, only to pursue her love and become a musician as well.

Zari met and married socialite Ivan Semwanga (with whom she had three sons) in the coastal nation. Still, the couple separated in 2013 after she accused him of being both mentally and physically violent.

Her next long-term relationship was with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnum (father of her two younger children), but that, too, ended a few years ago due to his infidelity, according to the series.

According to what we know, Ivan died in 2017, leaving Zari a substantial portion of his business and assets, which she combined with her own to get to where she is now.

Zari Hassan dating with GK Choppa

What Happened to Zari Hassan? Who is She Dating Right Now?

Zari Hassan is an entrepreneur and philanthropist in addition to being an influencer, musician, well-known host, and reality star (with both the Netflix original and her 2012 show ‘Zari, Bosslady‘).

She is the proud CEO of Brooklyn City College (a varied academic institution with multiple campuses), and she also owns and maintains a 5-star hotel in Kampala, Uganda, as well as the lucrative real estate company her late ex-husband left in her name.

In other words, aside from her five children, Zari’s career (together with the riches and stability she has amassed as a result of it) brings her true happiness.

“Being a mom is so wonderful because there is never a dull time in your life… In an interview with KTN News Kenya, Zari said, “If there’s one thing I love in this life, it’s being a mom because there’s so much duty, and I’m glad.”

Her social media accounts show that she cares deeply about her entire family, not just evenly but completely. All we can say is that when she remarked in ‘Young, Famous, and African,’ “I have dealt with innumerable heartbreaks and trials, but I always fight back,” she wasn’t joking.

In terms of her romantic life, Zari appeared to have a little something going on with co-star Andile Ncube in the series, but it never actually materialised. It could’ve been due to their own dynamic or because he’d developed a deep bond with Diamond – with whom Zari is still close for the sake of their children – but nothing is certain.

However, according to their Instagram accounts, the reality star is currently romantically connected with GK Choppa (also a Ugandan businessman located in South Africa) and is happier than ever.

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