Young, Famous & African: Is ‘Kayleigh Schwark’ Still Dating ‘Naked DJ’?

Are Naked DJ and Kayleigh Schwark Still Together

Netflix’sYoung, Famous & African‘ shines a light on the luxury and prosperity of the African elite in Johannesburg, and it’s a reality show that lives up to its title in every way. More importantly, it is essentially a production full of spectacularly juicy details since it follows a bunch of affluent media stars as they navigate everything from feuds to friendships to flirtationships.

That contains details from Quinton “Naked DJ” Masina and Kayleigh Schwark’s whole relationship, so now you know everything there is to know about them.

'Naked DJ' & 'Kayleigh Schwark' Journey At 'Young, Famous, & African'

‘Naked DJ’ & ‘Kayleigh Schwark’ Journey At ‘Young, Famous, & African’

Quinton Masina, popularly known as “Naked DJ,” met Kayleigh Schwark for the first time at a party in late 2019 or early 2020, and the two instantly fell in love.

The semi-professional footballer and fitness fanatic had no intention of falling in love with someone who is not just 12 years her senior but has also been married twice before, but the DJ changed her mind.

However, things haven’t always been roses for the pair, especially when it comes to trust and communication concerns, which have frequently converted their (anticipated) arguing into full-fledged fights.

It all played a role in how they clashed, from Kayleigh not knowing how her boyfriend feels most of the time since he’s “one of the most unromantic people” she’s met to Naked becoming annoyed by not having his own place.

There was also the fact that the two frequently cut each other off while expressing themselves, and Kayleigh struggled with trust after a previous partner betrayed her, as they discovered in couple’s counselling.

Regardless, they reached a point where Naked neglected her for over a week in order to resolve their difficulties in his brain first, prompting Kayleigh to announce that this was his last opportunity with her.

Are Kayleigh and Naked Still Together?

Over the past two years, Naked and Kayleigh have had their fair share of ups and downs, but one thing that has remained constant is their mutual love and dedication, which is why they’re still happily together.

There’s no disputing that making a meaningful relationship work requires a lot of work, and it appears like they’re both prepared to put in the effort for as long as they can for the benefit of their overall pleasure.

As a result, we suppose that the Johannesburg residents have established tougher limits inside their group and have even learned to confront their difficulties head-on, regardless of how angry they are, as their therapist instructed.

When it comes to proof of Quinton “Naked DJ” Masina and Kayleigh Schwark’s continued involvement, all you have to do is glance at their Instagram accounts to see that they’re still going strong. Although the couple doesn’t usually post about one another on their feed, their comment area, as shown above and below, is a dead giveaway of their love.

When they do share personal moments with the world, though, their captions are always as warm as they are candid. “Level 5 Forever With You,” Naked once wrote. With your affection, you’ve stabbed me. “You are the vaccine that never expires,” says the narrator.

“May the Lord protect you, guide you, and provide so many blessings into your life,” Kayleigh wrote on his birthday in 2021. Every day, I pray that our love reaches new heights! I adore you… even if you’re grumpy.”

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