48 Hours: The Case of the Poison Cheesecake – Alla Aleksenko Murder

Alla Aleksenko Murder Story

Alla Aleksenko Murder – 48 Hours” is an American documentary and news magazine television show airing on CBS since 1988, initially debuting January 19, 1988, and still airing to this day. The format of “48 Hours” involves in-depth investigative reporting on true crime cases or major news events; typically, one case per episode is examined from various angles for its legal proceedings as well as interviews with key individuals involved, such as law enforcement officials, family members, witnesses or sometimes even suspects themselves.

Since its premiere in January 1988, CBS show 48 Hours has delved into chilling true-crime tales that grip audiences, exploring some of the darker elements of human behavior. One notable episode from its 36th season entitled ‘The Case of the Poison Cheesecake‘ shed light on Viktoria Nasyrova – a former dominatrix from Russia who has recently come into court accused in Alla Aleksenko’s 2014 murder as her neighbor – as part of this extraordinary true-crime investigation. Allow me to provide essential details.

How Did Alla Aleksenko Die

Alla Aleksenko Murder Story

At 54, Alla had established herself in Krasnodar, located along the beautiful Mediterranean Black Sea coastline. Though life wasn’t without challenges – during her role as a single mother during the 1990s, Alla juggled four or five jobs and provided the best life possible for both of her children. Their family was close-knit; when Alla suddenly did not respond to phone calls or text messages on October 5, 2014, Nadia Ford immediately sensed something was going amiss.

Nadia, living in New York at the time, began to feel increasingly concerned over Alla’s uncharacteristic behavior and decided to travel home immediately – and during her return trip was confirmed her worst fear was that Alla was indeed missing! Nadia began an exhaustive search, visiting police stations, hospitals, dark alleys, monasteries, and many other locations with hopes of finding any leads that might provide answers.

Nadia received devastating news from Moscow that after six months of searching, she remains had been discovered in Armavir – approximately three hours from Krasnodar – by authorities who required Nadia’s identification as proof that they belonged to her mother, whom they suspected had been poisoned and later burned alive.

Alla’s disappearance and subsequent tragic death gripped investigators and the public alike, captivating both parties’ interest in its complexity. Details surrounding her demise proved both perplexing and upsetting; to get to the truth would require conducting an exhaustive inquiry into events leading to Alla’s demise and any possible involvement of third parties in this painful ordeal.

Where is Viktoria Nasyrova Now
Viktoria Nasyrova

Investigation and Arrest

Nadia suspected her mother’s neighbor and presumed friend Viktoria Nasyrova of being responsible for the heinous murder. Several indicators were pointing towards Viktoria’s involvement: firstly, when Alla planned for Viktoria to visit New York with gifts (including $6,100 cash and two pure mink coats) requested by Viktoria; however she delayed and did not return them as promised despite repeated reminders by Alla that Alla informed Nadia she should. Alla planned for Viktoria to return on October 4, 2014. Viktoria decided to visit Alla again and offered to return everything. Alla informed Alla when Alla began feeling threatened and informed Alla that Alla told Nadia she would return everything as promised on October 4, 2014.

At last known phone call made by Alla was with Viktoria just an hour before her disappearance the following morning. Nadia inquired to Viktoria regarding Alla’s whereabouts from New York; Viktoria calmly mentioned having visited Alla’s apartment earlier that evening for tea before leaving with no explanation as to why Alla could no longer reach her; Nadia did not accept this explanation in any case.

Nadia arrived in Russia and met Viktoria outside their apartment building. Viktoria strongly embraced Nadia before declaring, “Your mother is alive! She’s still here!” At this moment, Nadia realized something terrible had occurred with Alla; Viktoria quickly fled upstairs while Alla’s apartment appeared spotless; something wasn’t right – valuable items, jewelry, and Alla’s life savings totaling $50,000 had all been taken without leaving behind any dust or fingerprints behind.

On October 5 at 10 a.m., CCTV footage showed Alla riding as a passenger in Viktoria’s car as they headed toward Armavir, Viktoria’s hometown. Based on this evidence, police requested Viktoria take a lie detector test regarding Alla’s whereabouts – which she failed. Subsequently, Interpol issued a murder notice after she eluded capture in Russia and fled to New York; ultimately, the arrest occurred for an attempted poisoning case later that same month in March 2017 for attempted murder charge related to poisoning charges related to Alla’s neighbor and friend Alla’s disappearance.

Proseution of Viktoria Nasyrova
Viktoria Nasyrova

Prosecution of Viktoria Nasyrova in Alla Aleksenko Murder

Though Viktoria was arrested in early 2017, her trial did not commence until January 2023 due to legal proceedings and pandemic delays. After nearly a week-and-a-half of testimony from witnesses, a 12-person jury found her guilty of assault, attempted murder, theft, and unlawful confinement. On April 12, she was given 21 years in prison despite her hostile reaction – she directed profanities at the judge as an expression of displeasure at her conviction.

It should be noted that once Viktoria completes her 5-year sentence or supervised release period in Russia, she could still face trial for Alla’s murder. Though no formal charges have been brought, allegations exist of her drugging and robbing men; she met online dating services, such as Ruben Borukhov, who became one of Viktoria’s potential victims. At 47 years old and serving a sentence extending at least until the 2030s, she will likely face justice.

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