Where is Alvan Chow Today? How Much Money Did He Make From GameStop Stock?

Where is Alvan Chow Now

Where is Alvan Chow Now? How Much Money Did Alvan Chow Make in GameStop Stock? – Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga delves deeper into the events involving common retail investors and wealthy hedge funds that benefited and suffered from changes in GameStop’s stock price. Netflix is currently broadcasting the documentary.

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga explains the perfect storm that struck the American stock market when a number of small investors banded together to challenge the system and demonstrate how vulnerable and corrupt it is.

Investor Alvan Chow investigated when successful entrepreneur Ryan Cohen acquired stock in GameStop. The young man then decided to purchase GameStop stocks, which soon began to pay dividends and resulted in large profits for him. In the Netflix documentary “Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga,” Alvan discusses how he arrived at that conclusion and how his post on a Reddit investment forum was received. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about him, here is what we know.

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Who is Alvan Chow

Who is Alvan Chow?

Alvan Chow revealed on the programme that both of his parents are from China; his mother is from Beijing, and his father is from Hong Kong. He lacked any investment experience and lacked a degree in finance. Alvan was keen on market research and gaining money through wise investments. He applied for a job with many hedge funds but never got a response.

So Alvan decided to handle the job alone and establish himself independently. In the documentary, he said many investment decisions wouldn’t work out, but the trick was to choose something the other investors had overlooked. Alvan had found exactly the type of business he sought in GameStop. When he looked into Ryan’s prior investments at the time, he discovered that GameStop’s value increased by around 30% due to his investment.

Alvan recalled being astonished since, at the time, he thought GameStop was a failing business. Ryan, on the other hand, might be the one to save the business, he believed. After conducting an extensive study, Alvan commented on WallStreetBets on Reddit about how GameStop’s share price would rise in the future in October 2020. Although few others accepted Alvan’s thesis at the time, he was confident in the accuracy of his findings.

Where is Alvan Chow Now?

Alvan Chow purchased GameStop stock for $6 to $8 per share at the time. He invested roughly $30,000 in it and ultimately gained $8,000,000. In the end, Alvan was correct in his assessment. He has kept up his trading ever since. But before that, Alvan held business development and data research positions for organisations like Oracle Telecom and Google. Alvan has been employed with Fortis Games for around nine months as of right now.

Alvan also works for himself as a merchant. Additionally, a three-month-old Reddit post claimed that his investment value had increased by more than $600,000. Alvan resides in California but was recently in Miami, Florida, for the All In Summit. He takes care of his two kitties and hangs out with his friends when he isn’t working.

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