Where Are Redditors Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor Today?

Where Are Redditors Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor Now

Where Are Redditors Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor Now? – A three-part Netflix documentary, “Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga“, explores how GameStop’s stock price skyrocketed in early 2021 after several investors seemed to follow Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, and purchase shares of the business. As it was known at the time, a short squeeze cost several hedge funds money since they had bet against the company whose stock price had suddenly soared.

In 2020, while exploring the west coast, Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor bought GameStop and profited from their decision. So, if you’re unsure about their current location, we have you covered. So let’s investigate it, shall we?

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Who Are Abbe Minor and Joe Fonicello?

Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor decided to travel in a sprinter van when the COVID-19 outbreak struck the globe. They had been residing at home and travelling to their University of Connecticut studies up to that point. The couple travelled throughout the pandemic using the money they had saved. Joe and Abbe decided to explore investing at the time because they wanted to earn more money while travelling.

Joe discovered an Alvan Chow post on WallStreetBets on Reddit by the show. It discussed GameStop and how the company’s stock price will rise over the ensuing months. Joe decided to purchase a few shares since he thought it was something to try. By the summer of 2020, Keith Gill, a different fellow investor, started making YouTube videos under the alias Roaring Kitty where he discussed why GameStop was a wise investment. Those movies immediately captured the attention of Joe and Abbe.

Joe found out in January 2021 that businessman Ryan Cohen would receive three board seats at GameStop. As a result, Joe decided to invest his remaining savings in GameStop stock since he thought the price was set to increase. Joe and Abbe ultimately benefited because they initially paid $9 for each share and, according to the show, received a 40 times return on their investment.

Where Are Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor Today?

Throughout 2020, Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor travelled extensively, and around the year’s close, they participated in an Insider interview. Abbe discussed how it was challenging for them to remain motivated for college while frequently travelling and exploring new locations. Because you are so eager to go hiking or visit new places every day, she added, “[classes] can kind of take a back seat.” The time zone difference and erratic wi-fi were other issues Joe and Abbe had to contend with.

Joe, who has a bachelor’s in marketing, is currently employed in several positions. For the past two years, he has served as an online distributor for alltech24 in North America. Joe also serves as the Head of Operations at GMEdd.com, a website that records all the research that potential investors did before to purchasing GameStop. Additionally, he has been employed as a consultant with investment fund Wook Capital since August 2022.

Currently, Joe and Abbe are based in San Diego, California. Abbe holds a bachelor’s degree in urban economics and real estate. She has previously had positions as a portrait artist, dog walker, housesitter, project manager, and partner in property management. Joe is a co-founder of Sun Built, a business that designs and fabricates camper vans with custom fittings, which Abbe founded in February 2021. The couple has been continuing their travels recently and is active on Instagram.

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