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Angela was mentioned in the previous episode 5 of Animal Kingdom Season 5 when the Lost Pope was considering getting baptised on the beach with a few others.

“She’s dead,” said an old prison pal at that point. In another flashback to the 1980s, Janine decides to buy herself a cop.

Renn and Craig, new parents, have yet another quarrel. Cody is after Smurf’s dynasty. Pam, on the other hand, requested that they obtain a safe for her.

In the meeting with Pam, the plan was accepted. Pope (Shawn Hatosy) informs Deran that he is unable to assist Pam with her work.

Deran (Jake Weary) informs J that Pope is no longer alive. After Smurf, the main character of the show will be briefly pulled away as the Pope’s storey progresses.

He goes to the desert to get away from the anguish. We’ll keep walking past the Smurf. Because the Cody boys must comprehend her relationship with Pamela.

The fifth and final episode sets the tone for the rest of the series. It’s going to be fantastic. Breaking a safe from the skate park is one of them.

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Episode 506 of Animal Kingdom Synopsis

Tensions mount as Deran, J, and Craig take on a project that puts their entire family in jeopardy; Pope flees to the desert to escape his pain.

Release Date for Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 6

Season 5 Episode 6 of “Animal Kingdom” titled “Home Sweet Homewill air on Sunday, August 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT Network. Apart from TNT, the series’ parent network, you can view all previous seasons of Animal Kingdom on Amazon Prime Video, making it easier to catch up on new episodes on TNT.

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Recap of Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5

Pope is a member of a Christian congregation that is getting baptised at sea in Episode 5. One of the people recognises the Pope since he was once incarcerated.

He informs Pope that Angela died a few days ago after realising that his ex-boyfriend, Shane, was perhaps involved in the lynching.

Pamela contacts Deran to let him know that she and her family will visit the Smurfs later. Renn returns and announces that she is considering selling the property.

Craig (Ben Robson) explains how difficult it is to babysit. Ren informs him that Pamela is leaving the house, and he proceeds to leave.

Young Smurf is at dinner in 1980s Flossbach when he overhears some cops, including Jerry, learning about Jerry’s past from a waitress. Jerry’s wife recently left him, and his mother is battling illness.

Craig, Deran (Jake Weary), and J gather at Craig’s house; Craig informs him that they should give him 24 hours’ notice; everyone has an opinion about Pamela’s visit.

Craig then inquires about Pope. Pamela (Charlayne Woodard) arrives with Phonix, her grandson, and Lark, her granddaughter.

She then begs the brothers to assist her in bringing Phoenix lunch to “her” house. Deran notices Pamela and Lark at their house and starts preparations.

Daren, on the other hand, is not pleased. When the Pope arrives, Pamela says to Andrew, “This is Aunt Birdie,” and asks if he remembers her. Pope is perplexed, but he claims to recall her.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5

When Phonix and Julia were little, Pope used to babysit them. I’ve brought barbeque, Pamela. He assumed you were all accustomed to dining with your mum.

Smurfs, according to Craig, are always cooking. Pamela claims she was unable to boil the water. Pamela has an offer from a man who threatens her to get the stuff.

She promises to give them. Smurf’s property in exchange, and that there would be no second chances.

J (Finn Cole) believes they can defeat the will, while Lark believes they will never succeed. Lark informs Pamela that she is not a patient woman and that she will not ask again.

They’re all intrigued about what’s inside the safe. Phoenix claims that he was drunk and got into a fight twenty years ago, in which two people died, and a man was slain, and that he is now being blackmailed.

Pamela discovers Pope in a bedroom and asks whether he still smells the same. Pam is sympathetic to Julia’s plight.

She claims Smurf must have had a difficult time. Pamela informs the boys that she has 24 hours to decide, and Phoenix will provide all of the necessary information.

Deran believes they should find out where they are, but J disagrees.

Pope pursues Shane and defeats him on the beach, almost drowning him in the process. Then, with the help of Phoenix, they locate the location.

This was always suffocating. It’s a skateboarding hangout for all the kids. Marion, Phoenix claims, assisted her in her upbringing and taught her a lot.

Jake and the young Smurfs (Leila George) plan to steal a red firebird from a hotel while pretending that his mother is visitor. The cops are hauling them.

Children are terrified. Smurf informs Jake that she will be doing all of the talking. Jerry is the one who pulls Smurf over when he gets out of the car to retrieve his ID.

A Firebird is stolen by Smurf, Jake, and the kids. Jerry and Smurf form an agreement. She discovers that her mother is ill and that she is not earning enough money.

The Smurf pays the youngsters money for their part in the job, despite Jake’s protests. Later, when the two are alone, he inquires about their activities. He can stay at home forever, Smurf.

Craig has a meeting with Frankie and discusses business. Craig displays some jewellery to her. Frankie informs him that he will receive the price in three days.

Frankie claims that J approached her about the barrier, so why is he still there? Frankie and Craig are on their way out. J, Craig, and Deran are all in the same house.

J says no to Deran when he asks if he has sold his condo. Craig informs Rayna about the job at home, and she says it seems simple.

She claims she is unable to breastfeed since she used to smoke. Deran is on the lookout for the Pope. He’s putting stuff away.

Pope declares that he must depart. We looked for the work Pamela wants us to undertake, and we need you, says Deran.

Deran claims that he has been looking for work and that he is in desperate need of one. Deran examines her hand and inquires as to whose blood it is.

Pope has an emotional breakdown. He’s losing track of time and hears Smurf’s voice whenever he sees her. Deran says he’s free to leave.

Pope says he’s not sure if he’ll be able to return. Deran informs J that Pope has left.

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