Recap and Ending Explained of Apple TV+ ‘WeCrashed’ Season 1 Episode 4

WeCrashed Episode 4 recap and ending explained

The Apple TV+ show Inspired by actual events follows serial entrepreneur Adam Neumann, who started WeWork after pioneering the concept of shared workspaces. WeWork has grown from a single coworking space to a global brand worth $47 billion in less than a decade. Then it lost $40 billion in just 14 days. What went wrong?

Episode 4 of ‘WeCrashed,’ which traces the rise and sudden fall of workplace sharing business WeWork, provides some critical indications of why the company eventually plummets.

Co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann is flying high on his company’s excellent valuation four years after the events of episode 3. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that WeWork is losing over a million dollars every day.

Meanwhile, Rebekah finds herself increasingly marginalised by the firm and her husband’s demanding schedule, oblivious to the fact that things are becoming increasingly difficult. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son and his big funds are the last light of hope.

Will the Korean-Japanese investor, however, save the company? Things are starting to get difficult for the firm and the show’s key pair, so let’s take a closer look at episode 4 of ‘WeCrashed’ to see where things go.

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WeCrashed Episode 4 recap and explained

Recap of WeCrashed Episode 4

The episode begins in 2016, with Adam Neumann posing for Bloomberg magazine’s cover storey (while Rebekah is politely asked by the photographer to move out of the frame). The company is currently losing around $1.2 million each day, but the CEO is unfazed, arguing that all large corporations lose money in order to succeed.

Bruce, a compassionate partner at Benchmark, tries to ease Cameron Lautner’s anxieties at first, but he eventually finds himself unable to defend Adam’s high burn rate.

Aside from the gourmet food flown in from various nations for business meetings, the programme also shows how Adam encourages his employees to propose outrageous rents and unsustainable lease terms in order to purchase properties.

Benchmark refuses to participate in any further funding rounds as losses reach over $2 million per day and funds begin to run out. Desperate, Adam travels to India for a start-up conference when he learns that Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of SoftBank, will be present.

Son is impressed by Adam’s presentation (oblivious to the fact that the speech has been modified to spark the investor’s interest). Son is known for his extravagant investments in technology.

A visit to the WeWork “Galactic Headquarters” is promised, and Adam anxiously anticipates the arrival of one of the only people with deep enough money to save the company. Meanwhile, he fires a large portion of the workers in order to save money.

WeCrashed Episode 4 Ending

“WeCrashed” Episode 4 Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Rebekah, who is becoming increasingly marginalised, befriends Elishia Kennedy, the owner of a popular juice company. When Adam first meets her, he begs her to join, and while she is initially surprised, she soon agrees.

This, however, appears to have shattered her friendship with Rebekah, making Mrs. Neumann even more lonely. Finally, Son pays a visit to the WeWork headquarters, which Adam has styled to appear more vibrant than usual (by giving employees an impromptu handout of a hundred shares each). The financials of the company don’t appear to pique the investor’s interest, and he’s more taken with Adam’s diverse approach (and over-the-top hyperbole about his company).

The WeWork co-founder returns home after meeting with the investor to discover his wife in tears. However, he appears to have some good news, and when he tells her about the appointment, he immediately scribbles a number on his tablet, which brightens Rebekah’s attitude.

As a result, it appears that Adam’s courtship of the SoftBank investor pays off, as Masayoshi Son invests in WeWork. The former is especially fortunate that Son seems unconcerned about numbers, as the company appears to be losing $2.4 million every day at the time of their encounter.

However, it appears like Son and Adam have a far deeper relationship, which brings us back to the presentation at the Start-Up India conference. On the drive to the conference, Adam does some research on Son and discovers that the Korean-Japanese investor was bullied as a child because of his ancestry.

As a result, during his presentation, Adam talks about his own troubled past and being harassed at school, building a bond with the Son that appears to transcend business ideas and financials. With his unique management style, Adam charms Son and secures WeWork a $4.4 billion investment from SoftBank, which he scrawls on his tablet and shows Rebekah at the end of the episode.

weCrashed Episode 4 Elishia Kennedy

Is ‘Elishia Kennedy’ a Employee of WeWork Company?

Elishia Kennedy, an innocent entrepreneur, is also seduced by Rebekah, who convinces her that she and Adam live a romantic life. Elishia is taken aback by Adam’s direct approach when he invites her to join WeWork when they first meet.

She calmly tells him that she has her own (very successful but much smaller) business. She is, however, clearly fascinated, and on her way out, she asks Rebekah if Adam is “for real.”

The wife puts on her typical idealistic guise and assures that Adam isn’t a fraud and that she trusts him. As a result, Elishia looks to have agreed to join WeWork, which Adam enthusiastically announces during dinner.

He claims to have promoted her to Chief Brand Officer, despite Rebekah’s disappointment that she claimed pal did not inform her of such a meaningful change. Adam, on the other hand, is unconcerned by his wife’s sadness, which leads to what appears to be the first of many arguments.

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