The Future Diary: Are Moka Nozoe and Akimitsu Aki Still Together?

Are Moka and Aki From The Future Diary Still Together

Are Moka and Aki From The Future Diary Still Together? – ‘The Future Diary,’ a reality dating show in which strangers follow a rough “script” handed to them in the form of diary entries to live out a romantic storyline, is as unique as it is comforting. That’s because it takes people on a rollercoaster of changeable experiences, letting them to make the final decisions on how to proceed at every turn.

So, now that season 2 of this Japanese drama has arrived on our screens, let’s find out where Moka Nozoe and Akimitsu “Aki” Sumimoto stand in their relationship.

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Moka and Aki’s The Future Diary Journey

“The Future Diary” Journey of Moka and Aki

The sparks between them ignited almost as soon as bartender Aki first saw police officer worker Moka in a bamboo forest after being led to her by brilliant lights under the full moon. There were some anxieties at first, given the diary’s cautious description of them as soulmates, but their outgoing personalities quickly matched up to get the conversations flowing.

While the 24-year-old acknowledged that “she was incredibly easy to chat to,” the 23-year-old described him as a “catch; like a hot boy from a comic book… The kind of cute guy that listens to you.” Despite the fact that Aki wasn’t Moka’s regular type (Koyo Momota was), she didn’t let that or the unexpected component of a love triangle keep her from having fun with any of them.

The men’s first meeting, as well as the previous secrecy, was awkward, but the only thing that shone through was their care and compassion, which Aki was able to continue forward. During their one-on-one date, which included tea, candle making (her absolute favourite thing in the world), and a barbeque, he genuinely charmed her with his ever-smiling, witty, and unselfish character.

The most important feature, however, was that Moka and Aki not only made their candle in the shape of a full moon, but she also covertly held his hand as the night drew to a conclusion. Unfortunately, this deed compelled him to play cupid, shattering his wish “to get closer to” her (expressed on their first date), that is, until Koyo stepped in to assure he still had a shot.

Thus, in his remaining, little time with Moka, Aki offered everything he had by exposing his actual deep sentiments (while still preserving his relationship with Koyo), ultimately leading Moka to pick him.

Is Moka and Aki Still Together or Not?

Because of how he acted when serving as “cupid,” Moka had the sense that Aki didn’t see her romantically, but the manner he eventually presented himself dispelled any doubts. Their time as a pair, which included both of them cooking lunch for one another, agreeing to be models for a photographer, and playing hoops, only strengthened their bond.

As the time came for them to say their final goodbyes, Aki revealed the professional side of him that she had wanted to see, and they openly put down their hearts’ desires. Despite understanding how Netflix The Future Diary‘ works, Moka wished, “I hope Aki will always be smiling,” and longingly wrote, “I hope someday Moka and I can be together.”

Moka nearly ran away because she couldn’t bear to say goodbye – they both needed more time. That’s when Koyo reappeared, offering them an open invitation to meet without any journal entries to guide them, and none of them hesitated.

As a result, we’re happy to inform you that their internet presence, as well as the fact that they’re both based in Tokyo, make it appear as though Moka and Aki are still happily married. They appeared to be a fantastic fit, especially because he was smitten by her charm and positivity while she was smitten by his pure energy, so we’re optimistic and wish them all the best.

Aki excels at winning people’s trust and creating interpersonal connections. He also prioritises others over himself. “I think that’s a fantastic trait,” Moka had said, and we feel his attitude hasn’t changed.

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