Unexpected: Are Kylen and Jason Still Together?

Are Kylen and Jason From Unexpected Still Together

Are Kylen and Jason From Unexpected Still Together? – Despite the fact that the number of unwanted adolescent pregnancies has decreased by more than half since the early 1990s, roughly one in every four girls becomes pregnant by the age of 20. In ‘Unexpected,’ TLC delves into the complex issue of teen pregnancy by focusing on three pregnant teen couples and how it affects their families. The various stages of each pregnancy, as well as the initial few weeks of motherhood, are captured by cameras.

The pregnant couple in each narrative is completely unprepared to bear a kid, and it is up to their parents or grandparents to assist them. Roles get muddled, and tensions between families rise as everyone has their own thoughts about what is best for the young parents and their child, from where they should live to when (or if) they should marry.

Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi made their debut in ‘UnexpectedSeason 5 of the reality show. As soon as they arrived, they sparked one scandal after another, particularly with Jason’s treatment of Kylen during her pregnancy and the latter’s alleged blindness to it. A large percentage of fans even wanted Jason to leave the show permanently.

Fans are naturally curious about the couple’s current relationship status because of the turmoil surrounding them. So, here’s all you need to know about it!

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Kylen and Jason’s Unexpected Journey

Kylen and Jason’s Surprising Adventure Journey on ‘Unexpected’

Kylen Smith, 17, and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Jason Korpi, have caused quite a stir among TLC fans. Fans of the show began criticising him and his behaviour because of his obviously dominating and know-it-all attitude with his pregnant fiancée. Jason demonstrated frightening behaviour in the first episode of season 5 when he insisted on a home birth despite Kylen’s reservations.

Not only that, but we saw in the fifth episode of the season that he refused to let his girlfriend see her parents at such a crucial time in her life. Instead, he took her to his friend’s house.

Kylen’s parents confronted Jason about missing out on significant life events for their daughter. Jason didn’t seem to recognise the gravity of the issue when her father mentioned that they wouldn’t be able to visit Kylen. When Kylen began having intense contractions in episode 8 of season 5, Jason was seen eating while his girlfriend went into labour and breathed through the agony. She was finally transported to the hospital.

Up until that moment, it had been Jason vs. Kylen’s parents, but tensions between the pair rose in the hospital when the former requested that the expectant mother not be given an epidural. When Kylen went ahead with the epidural anyhow, the situation spiralled out of control to the point where security had to take Jason to the hospital parking lot.

Jason was eventually permitted back into the hospital as long as he remained quiet, but he continued to make Kylen feel bad about taking the epidural. Kylen gave birth to their son, Xavier, on August 22, 2021. This was documented in episode 11 of the fifth season. You’re probably wondering if the pair was able to sort out their disagreements.

Are Kylen and Jason Still Together or Not?

Yes, Kylen and Jason appear to be still together. Despite all of the criticism directed at Jason for his actions, the couple seemed to be in love. In fact, Kylen replied to all of the abuse directed at her boyfriend and baby father by posting a provocative photo on her Instagram story in the second week of May 2022.

She even went so far as to say that she liked Jason and knew him better than the folks who were slamming him. Furthermore, as evidenced by their social media engagements, Xavier’s birth appears to have brought the pair closer.

Furthermore, Jason character appears to have changed since the birth of his son Xavier, as he has welcomed the role of fatherhood with open arms. Jason and Kylen even travelled to New York City in March 2022 and appeared to be very much in love. Thus, despite all of the criticism from fans, it is safe to assume that the couple has chosen to stand by each other.

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